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FALL 2007

Faculty Publication Database (FACP):
Management and Delivery of Boston College Faculty Scholarship

For nearly 2 decades the Boston College Libraries have been collecting citation information pointing to Boston College Faculty publications.  Citation information has moved through various collection methods (e.g. faculty submission through a Web-based form, emails to subject bibliographers, and citation collection based on the annual Celebration of Scholarship booklet).

FACP citation information has been managed through 2 Integrated Library Systems: 1) NOTIS and then, 2) Ex Libris’ Integrated Library System, ALEPH (currently being used for the Libraries’ Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)).  Ex Libris’ DigiTool – an enterprise level digital assets management system – will provide future management of FACP data with enhanced access and retrieval capabilities.

Digital technologies have made it possible to create and transmit digital objects (i.e. text, image, sound, audiovisual) through a system of networks that comprise the Internet.  Electronic access – free and gated (subscription only) – to journal articles and a growing number of books has facilitated quick and ready availability to scholarship (delivery-to-the-desktop), and recent publisher policies have awakened author interest in retaining rights over the distribution of their content. Hyperlinking technologies like SFX (i.e. Boston College Libraries’ Find It button) have made it possible not only to cite, but also to link to digital objects (i.e. scholarly content), managing access and location information.

Library staff have begun work to move FACP information from the ALEPH-based system to DigiTool.  Additionally, staff are collecting citation information from departmental faculty publication lists ensuring currency and comprehensiveness.  Although an ongoing program, the initial phase of FACP system enhancement will realize a comprehensive database of Boston College Faculty Publication information and provide a powerful tool for faculty, departments, schools and university officials creating publication portfolios for marketing and recruitment, review, grant applications and more.

Stay tuned for further developments...!


Mark Caprio
Digital Repository Program Manager


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