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LibQual+ LogoThe Boston College Libraries value your opinion! So pay close attention to your e-mail on March 20th. On that date, we will begin a formal assessment program using a web-based survey called LibQual+™.


A random sample of the Boston College academic community will be selected to help us identify how well the Libraries meet users’ expectations of service. The survey is designed to measure library users’ perceptions of service quality and identify gaps between desired, perceived, and minimum expectations of service. The LibQual+ survey asks questions in three categories: Library as Place, Information Control, and Affect of Service. You can also enter any comments you might have about library services. We welcome this input and urge you to share your opinions with us.


This year, the Boston College Libraries will be participating as a member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. By participating, the Boston College Libraries can identify where our services need improvement in the eyes of our users and can compare our service quality with that of peer institutions.


If you receive an e-mail message from us, we ask that you complete the survey and take the opportunity to assist us in better serving you. We estimate that the survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. Questions can be addressed to Kathy Williams, Manager, Circulation Services, 2-4833 or Meg Critch, Digital Resources Cataloger, 2-1069. You can also e-mail us at



LibQual+ Frequently Asked Questions



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