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US Congressional
Serial Set

A full text searchable collection of sources on all aspects of U.S. history compiled by Congress in numbered sequence, including government reports, journals, hearings, messages, petitions, resolutions, monographs, presidential communications, treaties, maps and so forth from 1817 and expected to be completed up to 1980 by the end of 2008.


Past Masters

Provides full-text, fully searchable authoritative editions of the works of such writers as Aquinas, Aristotle, Bentham, Darwin, Dewey, Dickens, Hobbes, Mary Shelley, Swift, Wollstonecraft, Yeats. Many others.


Staff Activities - Collaborations, conferences, accomplishments.

Assessment -
The ongoing effort to improve services, collections and facilities.

Subject Area Highlight -
Legal Resources

Faculty Research Support -
Resources and procedures to support the research process.

Newsletter Archives

Boston College Libraries


BCdia: Digital Images of Art


Thanks to changing technology and a fruitful partnership with the University Library, the Fine Arts Department Visual Resources Collection can now share digital resources with all members of the University community, and also make it easier for non-experts to find art images.




WebCTeLearning Collaboration

Easy and effective ways to enrich course WebCT sites with content derived from resources available at the BC Libraries.



  LibQual LogoLibQual+ Library Survey

A survey designed to measure library users’ perceptions of service quality and identify gaps between desired, perceived, and minimum expectations of service.




The United IrishmanBurns Scholar Perspective

Burns Library Visiting Scholar, Dr. Maria Luddy, discovers the substantial collections of Irish women’s writing in the O'Neill and Burns Libraries.


A Kaleidoscope of Digital American LiteratureDigital American Literature

A report on a sampling of the kinds of digital resources currently available or under development pertaining to American literature; also presents related views of more than 40 scholars, librarians, and practitioners in the field.


Somerville and RossLesser Lights?

Report from the Fall 2005 research leave of O'Neill Library Reference Bibliographer, Kathy Williams, regarding a special project related to Irish Studies resources at the O’Neill Library.

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