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FALL 2006

Library Assessment Update


Database Feedback Requested

Before purchasing or subscribing to a new database, Boston College librarians carefully evaluate the product based on multiple criteria, including faculty and student feedback. To access these trial e-resources go to the Online Databases page and click on the Electronic Resource Trials link at the top of the page. Try out a database today!


Changes in the O’Neill Reference Area

In response to student requests, O’Neill Reference now provides access to the Microsoft Desktop (Work, PowerPoint, Excel) at 12 workstations in the Reference area on Level 3. Future plans call for more expanded access to these types of desktop productivity software, in response to students' desire for better integrated access to library resources and such software.


The combination of more electronic full-text resources, a growing number of courses using WebCT and e-Reserves long ago resulted in myriad printing problems in all Libraries on campus. To provide better support for this, O’Neill Reference will centralize all printers in one location and offer direct support for printing. Our evaluation of service showed that reference service was being subverted by the ongoing printing and printer issues. The goal here is to provide better services for both areas.




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