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Catholic Periodical and Literature Index


This database constitutes a detailed reference resource for in-depth research into Catholicism and related issues. Containing more than 300,000 records, it includes indexed citations to articles published in Roman Catholic periodicals, Papal documents, church promulgations, and books about the Catholic faith that are authored by Catholics and/or produced by Catholic publishers.


Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation


This new resource, a companion to the Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts, gives scholars access to nearly 450,000 pages of primary-source material from the 16th and 17th centuries. When finished, the database will contain key full-text documents pertaining to the reform from within the Catholic Church in the heady years before, during, and after the landmark decrees of the Council of Trent.


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Google Scholar - What's the Buzz?

Google Founders

Google Scholar (GS) is an exciting new development by; its goal is to “help users search scholarly literature such as peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports.” The O’Neill Reference staff recently took a look at Google Scholar and tested it against some of the Libraries' subscription databases.




Eighteenth-Century Engraving - JusticeAcademic Integrity Taskforce

Seeking faculty feedback for an in-process online tutorial addressing academic integrity.




Microform ReaderFaculty Perspective

A faculty member from Romance Languages & Literatures discovers the unexpected pleasure of what lies buried in the basement of O'Neill Library.




Project Muse Icon

Electronic Journal Archives

The emergence of e-journals as a highly valued and popular research resource has initiated investigations into the technology needed to create stable e-journal archives and the economic models required to sustain them.




Digital BooksGoogle Promises Vast Digital Library

A Librarian's perspective regarding Google's recent announcement to digitize five major institutions' print collections, making them Google searchable.


Keith Moon

New Digital Resource - Oxford DNB

The Oxford Dictionary of Biography brings the lives of the good, bad and bizarre right to your desktop.


A Journey to the End of the MilleniumIntersections Reading Group

". . . to share what I've read with colleagues who might even become friends over time . . . what more could you want?"

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