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Teams of Destiny: The First Fifty Years of Boston College Football

virtual exhibit fall 2001 - burns library

Introduction | 1899 | 1920 | 1928 | 1940   

1893 BC Football Team Today's generation of students and recent alumni probably associate Boston College football greatness with athletes such as quarterback Doug Flutie (class of 1986), linebacker Bill Romanowski (class of 1988) and center Damien Woody (class of 1999). However, football has a long and much celebrated history at Boston College going back to the late nineteenth century. The first officially sanctioned team played in the Fall of 1893 and is pictured here.


Charles Darling This exhibit celebrates four of the greatest squads or "teams of destiny" that played in the first fifty years of the sports program. Profiled are the 1899 team (the strongest team of the nineteenth century), the 1920 and 1928 Eastern Championship teams, and the Sugar Bowl Team of 1940. It should be noted that during these fifty years other teams and players also achieved much success and glory but are not included in this virtual exhibit. Players like All-American Charles Darling (Class of 1925), pictured at right, and the undefeated 1926 team (six wins-no losses-two ties) are not featured in this virtual exhibit for reasons of time and space. However, they and all Boston College athletes have contributed to efforts to make their football program a great and celebrated tradition.


Introduction | 1899 | 1920 | 1928 | 1940