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BC EMERGENCY - Campus Preparedness & Emergency Information

Emergency Supply Kit


Everyone should prepare an Emergency Supply Kit to assist them through a crisis. Not all services and items will be immediately available following a large emergency.


You should consider having an emergency kit in your home, apartment or residence hall. If you own a vehicle, you should consider also having a smaller kit in your car.


These are basic items to allow you to endure an emergency situation for a short period of time. You can add additional items as needed:

•Bottled water and canned/packaged food

•Manual can opener

•Radio (battery or crank charge)

•Extra batteries for radio & light

•Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste,shampoo, soap, comb/brush) 

•First Aid Kit

•Flashlight (battery or crank charge)and emergency light sticks

•Blanket (emergency type)

•Prescription medications


•Safety whistle (to attract attention)

•Dust Mask & Surgical Gloves

•Hand Sanitizer


If you need to evacuate during an emergency, take your Emergency Supply Kit with you.  Don’t forget your:  Keys, Identification (BC ID, Drivers License, etc), Wallet/Purse, Money/ Credit Cards, Cell-phone and Charger.


More details on assembling an Emergency Supply Kit found here.

Download BC's Emergency Preparedness Brochure which includes the Emergency Supply Kit list below:


* Emergency Management Brochure.pdf
Emergency Management Brochure