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BC EMERGENCY - Campus Preparedness & Emergency Information

Crisis Manager - BC Mobile Preparedness App

Emergency information with you all the time and everywhere!


General Info

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The Crisis Manager mobile application for Boston College makes our emergency information more mobile and readily accessible.  For most of the day, the average smartphone/tablet user has their mobile device within a three foot radius. During an emergency, it is often intuitive to pick up your mobile device. This customized app places Boston College's emergency information onto a single platform designed to help guide our community through an emergency event.

This free app provides preparedness/response procedures and emergency contacts behind easily identifiable icons that are categorized by the type of event or emergency situation. This app will provide the Boston College community easy access to our Emergency Reference Guide, which, once downloaded to the device, is not dependent on internet access.

Some of the features included in the app are: simple formatted instructions, intuitive graphics, direct dial emergency contacts (smartphones only), a flashlight tool for mobile devices that support it, an audio alarm to alert others of your location if you are in danger or trapped and a space to input your personalized emergency information such as evacuation routes and meeting locations.

How to Dowload

Emergency Reference Guide App Interface

The app supports iOS Apple products, Android, and Kindle Fire.

1. Download the Crisis Manager app by visiting:

Apple iTunes Store (iOS)

Google Play (Android)

Amazon Apps

2.  Launch the Crisis Manager app.  If prompted, select OK to enable push notifications. (NOTE: You do not need to create an account when prompted).

3.  After the tutorial (swipe left), click on the "+" symbol in the right hand corner to add a plan.

4.  Search keyword "Boston College."

5.  Choose "Emergency Reference Guide" to download the plan to your device.

Give us feedback! We would like to know about your experience with the app.  Contact us with any comments or questions by emailing us at or calling 617-552-4316.