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BC EMERGENCY - Campus Preparedness & Emergency Information

How to Prepare

Emergency Preparedness Checklist



1. Learn about What Hazards Can Occur and Campus Safety Procedures.

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2. Evacuation Plan for Home and at Boston College which includes:

  • Two ways out of all rooms, if possible


  • Pre-designated meeting places for employees, friends and/or roommates. One location just outside where you live/work and a second location further away in case you can’t get close to where you work/live. Everyone should know where these locations are.


  • Know Emergency Shelter Locations – In Case of an Emergency, check the BC Emergency website or ask a BC Official (ie:  BC Police, Resident Director, Resident Assistant, etc.). Generally these are locations such as dining halls, libraries and other large assembly areas on campus.


3. Emergency Communications

  • Consider programming an "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) contact into your cell phone's phonebook. This is a person to contact on your behalf in case you are not able to communicate with emergency responders.
  • Consider programming the Boston College Police Emergency Number 617-552-4444 into your cell phone's phonebook.  In case you ever need to call for help, it will be readily available to you. Also be sure to program 911 into your cell phone for off campus emergencies.


4. Assemble an Emergency Supply Kit to help you get through the initial period of the emergency. 


5. Attend safety and security information sessions and classes.  Learn CPR, first aid and other emergency skills.

6. Stay Alert
Though Boston College is a safe environment, all members of the University Community are urged to stay alert and report any unusual activity to the BC Police at 617-552-4444.