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BC EMERGENCY - Campus Preparedness & Emergency Information

Potential Hazards and Information



Boston College is a very safe and secure campus where emergencies rarely occur. However, there are a number of hazards which could affect the University and the community.

Knowing what hazards could occur — and what your should do if they occur — is one of the best steps to being prepared. Listed below are the general categories of hazards to prepare for at Boston College. 

Click on the hazard to learn more about the hazard, how to prepare for them and what you should do if they occur. Also, download our new Mobile Preparedess App which has more information on all these hazards and what to do!


Power Outage

Hazardous Materials


Severe Weather


Violent Act or Threat

Bomb Threat/Suspicious Package

Cyber Threats

Health Emergencies


Some Important Terms to Know:

Watch: Forecast issued well in advance to alert the public of the possibility of a particular weather related hazard (e.g. tornado watch, flash flood watch). The occurrence, location and timing may still be uncertain.

Warning: Forecast issued when weather or hazard is "imminent" or already occurring (e.g., tornado warning, flood warning). A warning is used for conditions posing threat to life or property.

Evacuate: To immediately leave a hazard location (ie: building, area of campus, etc.) due to an immediate health or life-threatening hazard.

Shelter in Place: To go and stay indoors when a situation occurs that may be a hazard to health or is life-threatening. Stay inside, lock doors/windows, shut off fans and air conditioners. Remain in place until told it is safe to leave.