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BC EMERGENCY - Campus Preparedness & Emergency Information

Security and Access to Campus



Boston College residence halls, buildings and facilities are private property. Trespassing and soliciting are prohibited. Boston College Police routinely monitor BC buildings for security purposes.

Academic and administrative buildings and facilities are secured within a reasonable period of time after the conclusion of normal operating hours. The propping open of secured exterior doors is prohibited. Buildings are patrolled and exterior doors are checked routinely by Boston College Police officers, and all checks are documented.

Residence hall exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day. They operate on an electronic card access system and are equipped with mechanisms that secure the door locks upon entering and exiting the residence halls. The doors are alarmed and wired to the Boston College Police Department, enabling the detection of and response to any propped doors.

Residence hall student rooms are equipped with door and window locks. Entry into residence halls is restricted to members of the University Community and their guests. Guests must be registered with the Residence Hall Director or Assistant Director, and must obtain the written authorization of the Director of Residential Life for stays that extend beyond four consecutive nights. All solicitation is prohibited within the residence hall system unless specifically approved by the Director of Residential Life. During periods of low occupancy, such as holidays and vacation periods, a reduced number of residence hall staff remains on site, and the frequency of internal patrols and door checks by Boston College Police officers is increased.

Vehicle entry into the main campus area is restricted and is monitored by security/parking personnel.

Members of the University Community are responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests, and for ensuring that visitors know, understand and adhere to University rules and regulations.

The Boston College Police Department periodically conducts an inspection throughout the campus to identify safety and security concerns such as lighting, emergency "blue light" intercoms and shrubbery in need of repair or attention. A University electrician also routinely conducts a lighting inspection after dark throughout the campus. Any lighting found to be inoperative is repaired or replaced immediately.

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