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BC EMERGENCY - Campus Preparedness & Emergency Information

Fire Safety

Every building at Boston College has some form of fire protection. These systems vary from battery-powered smoke detectors to fully addressable systems that are monitored by the Boston College Police Department.

Most academic buildings, Residence Halls and some BC houses have master fire alarm boxes outside or inside their main entrance. These boxes communicate with the City of Newton (52 boxes) or the City of Boston (14 boxes) when an alarm of fire occurs. These systems are tested quarterly as required by state law.

BC's Environmental Health and Safety Office works with the Residential Life staff, students and the local fire departments to provide fire drills two times each year in each of the residence halls. These drills are conducted as early as possible at the beginning of each semester.

Fire drills are also conducted on a quarterly basis at the Campus School and on a monthly basis at the Child Care Center.

Smoking was banned in all Boston College buildings effective September 2003. Boston College also implements Health and Safety room inspections, fire prevention guidelines, a list of banned items, confiscation of banned items and sanctions for violations. Boston College will only allow the use of ‘Fire Shield’ surge protectors in residential buildings. The ‘Fire Shield’ surge protectors are the only power cords with built-in intelligence to prevent cord fires, ground faults or surges.

Written plans for building evacuation that are compliant with federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations have been developed for all facilities at Boston College in the event of a fire or other emergency.

These plans are available in the Safety Contacts office for each department in academic buildings. Plans are also available in the Residential Hall Director’s office. In residential buildings, floor plans showing a means of egress can be found on the exit doors leading from each residential space.

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