Education Policy Committee
The Role of the Department Chair in the Search Process
April 24, 2006

At the EPC meeting on April 24, 2006 the following motion was approved by unanimous vote:

It is moved that in accordance with current practice, the EPC agrees that it is acceptable (but not mandatory) for a department chair to serve on or to chair a search committee. If the department chair does not serve on or chair a search committee, the EPC recommends that the department chair be actively included in the search process and moves that the following procedure be adopted:

1. After the formation of the search committee (i.e., early in the search process), the department chair will be consulted concerning the job description.
2. The department chair has access to applicant dossier or folders.
3. The department chair interviews all candidates invited for the position.
4. The department chair may meet with the committee to discuss its recommendations and concerns.