It has been said that the future of philosophy turns on the question of who will teach Hegel. The urgency of this question is due not only to Hegel’s historical importance but also to the density of his writing. To what extent can we understand his influence without first understanding his thought? In order to clarify the work of this oft-misunderstood philosopher, this conference offers an opportunity to gain a more solid foothold in the complexities of Hegel. With this in mind, we invite a broad range of papers that provide analyses of key Hegelian terms and passages or place Hegel in conversation with other significant thinkers and themes.

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All presentations held in Gasson 305, Chestnut Hill Campus:
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Friday, March 16th

Stephen Houlgate
University of Warwick

"Hegel and Brandom on Norms, Concepts and Logical Categories"

Saturday, March 17th

John Russon
University of Guelph

"Spirit and Method in Hegel's Phenomenology"

John Sallis
Boston College
"Soundings: Hegel on Music"

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Friday, March 16th
3:00-3:30  Conference opening
Dr. Oliva Blanchette (Boston College)
"Why Study Hegel?"

Timothy Brownlee (Boston University)
"Practical Knowing: Geist and the Dialectic of Conscience"

David Storey (Fordham University)
"War and International Relations in Hegel's Philosophy of Right"

Kirsten McKillop (Boston University)
"Intuition and Content in Hegel's Logic"

Dr. Stephen Houlgate (University of Warwick)
"Hegel and Brandom on Norms, Concepts and Logical Categories"

7:30 - Reception








Saturday, March 17th
10:00 - Coffee and Muffins

Lawrence Bruce-Robertson (Cornell University)
"Hegel's Account of the Family as an Ethical Institution"

Zane Yi (Fordham University)
"Corporate Education: Hegel's Vision of Personal Transformation through Community"

12:00 - 1:00 - Lunch

Dr. John Sallis (Boston College)
"Soundings: Hegel on Music"

Raoni Padui (Villanova University)
"The Necessity of Concealment: Truth as Disclosure in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit"

Jazmine Gabriel (University of Oregon)
"Tautology as Infinity Disguised: An Analysis of the Understanding's Love Affair with Explanation"

Dr. John Russon (University of Guelph)
"Spirit and Method in Hegel's Phenomenology"

6:00 - Dinner