Analytic, Continental, & Historical Perspectives

There is a certain consensus that contemporary philosophy has introduced something unique to our understanding of language. But despite the currency of the linguistic turn, language has been a central philosophical concern at least since Socrates turned to the logoi in the Phaedo and Aristotle defined the human being as the zoon logon echon. To what extent, then, is the more recent turn to language a substantial innovation? What does the philosophical tradition - ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary - have to say about language? To understand better the principal conceptions of language as well as the significance of the contemporary turn, we invite papers that address the theme of language from a broad range of perspectives.

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Schedule of Events:

Friday, April 7th
3:00-5:15 pm

What Can We Learn About Language From Thinking About Philosophy?
John Christopher Adorno Keller (University of Notre Dame)

The Ironic Stance and the Limitations of Philosophy
Jeffrey A. Golub (Boston College)

Nietzsche's Scandalous Body and the Promise of Metaphor
Sarah K. Hansen (Vanderbilt University)

5:30-6:45 pm

Plenary Address
Jaakko Hintikka,
Boston University

7:00 pm - Reception

Saturday, April 8th

9:00-10:30 am-Session One

Gathering and Contestation: The Place of Silence in Heidegger and Foucault
Vernon Cisney (University of Memphis)

Public Language, Idiolects, and Semantic Norms
Kranti Saran (Harvard University)

10:45 am-12:15 pm-Session Two

Naming a Transcendent God: A Problem of Language in the Middle Ages
Gloria Wasserman (University of Notre Dame)

The Role of Religious Language in Jacques Derrida
Alina Klisho (Criswell College)


1:00-2:30 pm
Plenary Address
Eileen Sweeney,
Boston College


Saturday Continued:

2:45-4:15 pm- Session Three

On Systematicity
David Pereplyotchik (CUNY)

The Expressive Conception of Language and World: Humboldt and the Charge of Linguistic Idealism
Jo-Jo Koo (University of Pittsburgh)

4:30-6:00 pm
Plenary Address
Geoffrey Bennington,
Emory University


All Events are held in Gasson 305, Boston College

7th Annual Graduate Student Conference
The Boston College Department of Philosophy