In Memoriam        April 16, 2008

Boston College and its Center for Christian-Jewish Learning joins the many people of all faith traditions in the international community in mourning the passing of this great religious leader and pioneer of Jewish-Christian Dialogue.

Krister was one of the first people Boston College consulted when it began to envision the development of its Center for Christian-Jewish Learning. To sit at his feet and drink in his vision of what we might achieve at Boston College was an inspiration and an enormous privilege.

Krister was a regular participant, as health allowed, in Center-sponsored conferences. He was the first person for whom the Center never enforced time-limits, not only from deep respect for him as a leader in Christian-Jewish dialogue, but also from the knowledge that to have the opportunity to learn from his wisdom was an enormous gift.

May his teachings continue to inform and inspire us, and may his memory be a blessing.

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