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Symposium: A New Christian Document on Christian-Jewish Relations

Introduction Rabbi Gilbert S. Rosenthal
The Document: A Sacred Obligation: Rethinking Christian Faith in Relation to Judaism and the Jewish People A Statement by the Christian Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish Relations, September 1, 2002
The Panel
A Reaction to the Document: A Sacred Obligation Rev. Guy Massie
Relationships and Obligations: The Future of Jewish-Christian Dialogue Rabbi Dr. Michael A. Signer
A Document for this Season: Response to A Sacred Obligation Rev. Dr. Jay T. Rock
A Sacred Obligation that Engenders New Hope Rabbi Gilbert S. Rosenthal

Responses from Two Signatories

Response to Commentaries on A Sacred Obligation Dr. John C. Merkle
Response to Commentaries on A Sacred Obligation

Dr. Joseph B. Tyson