Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997

Selected Contract and Grant Awards


Source of Funding


Biology Department
Studies of the Inner Ear National Institutes of Health $ 201,630
Neurochemical and Genetic Studies in the EL Epilepsy Model National Institutes of Health 165,556
Chemistry Department
Molecular Basis of Cellular Control Mechanisms National Institutes of Health228,674
New Organic Molecules with Unusual Structures and Properties National Science Foundation 138,000
Osmoregulation in Methanogens U.S. Department of Energy 95,073
Geology and Geophysics Department
New England Seismic Network U.S. Geological Survey 162,000
Institute for Scientific Research
Magnetospheric Dynamics: A Comprehensive Study U.S. Air Force 731,000
Study of Disconnection of Magnetic Fields Associated with Coronal Mass Ejections NASA 48,932
Law School/Arts & Sciences
Law in American History: Summer Institute in the History of the United States U.S. Information Agency 165,858
Mathematics Department
Implementation of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards in Discrete Mathematics, Phase II National Science Foundation 736,774
Psychology Department
Preoptic Area Neuroanatomy and Maternal Behavior National Science Foundation 101,000
School of Education
Pre-Service Program for Educators of Individuals with Visual Disabilities U.S. Department of Education 124,200
National Center for Social Work and Education Collaboration Fordham University/DeWitt Wallace Reader's Digest Fund 54,000
TIMSS - Third International Mathematics Science Study IEA/U.S. Department of Education 1,418,720
School of Nursing
Improving Health Outcomes for Elderly Unpartnered Heart Attack Patients The Medical Foundation/Charles Farnsworth Charitable Trust 38,993
School of Social Work
Children's Services Project Children's Services of Roxbury, Inc./Kellogg Foundation 123,340
Institute for the Study of Politics and Religion Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation165,300

Source: Office of Research Administration

Date Posted: April 16, 1997
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