Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997

Boston College Properties
Fall 1996
Building Gross Square Footage Acres
Upper Campus
Roncalli, Welch, and Williams Halls98,5853.1
O'Connell House and Upper Campus Dormitories267,46410.9
Total Upper Campus366,04914.0
Middle Campus
Area bounded by Beacon Street, College Road, and Commonwealth Avenue - including the Ignacio and Rubenstein Residence Halls, 66 Commonwealth Avenue Residence Hall, Gabelli Hall, Voute Hall, Southwell Hall, and the Merkert Chemistry Center2,092,884*43.2
36 College Road3,7660.2
50 College Road4,3030.2
72 College Road (Thea Bowman AHANA Center)3,5280.2
78 College Road (Brock House)4,1460.1
84 College Road (Bourneuf House)4,4600.2
90 College Road (Donaldson House)3,9100.2
96 College Road (Rahner House)2,7990.1
102 College Road (Faber House)3,0810.2
116 College Road (Hopkins House)4,2740.1
122 College Road (Lawrence House)3,6810.1
176 Commonwealth Avenue (Bea House)4,6850.2
18 Old Colony Road (Botolph House)7,1360.4
Total Middle Campus2,142,65345.4
Lower Campus
Area bounded by Beacon Street and St. Thomas More Road (excluding MDC property) (including Vanderslice Hall and 60 & 90 St. Thomas More Road)2,359,75552.7
2150 Commonwealth Avenue (St. Thomas More Hall)64,5843.4
Total Lower Campus2,424,33956.1
Total Chestnut Hill Campus4,933,041 115.5
Newton Campus542,99540.3
Total Chestnut Hill and Newton Campuses5,476,036 155.8
Outlying Properties
262 Beacon Street (Daly House)5,5840.5
258 Hammond Street (Hovey House)11,1484.1
292 Hammond Street (Murray House)8,4901.2
292 Hammond Street (Murray Carriage House)2,617-
300 Hammond Street (Connolly Faculty Center)12,8321.6
300 Hammond Street (Connolly Carriage House)7,035-
314 Hammond Street (Haley House)9,2941.3
314 Hammond Street (Haley Carriage House)5,033-
25 Lawrence Avenue4,7220.2
31 Lawrence Avenue5,1050.3
55 Lee Road7,3630.4
67 Lee Road (Canisius House)3,7610.2
2051 Commonwealth Avenue (Greycliff Hall)12,3180.1
Weston Observatory22,18219.4
Total Outlying Properties117,48429.3
Total Properties Owned by Boston College5,593,520 185.1
Note: These statistics exclude leased properties as well as properties adjacent to the main campus owned and utilized by the Jesuit Community of Boston College (Manresa House and garage [188 Beacon Street] 5,733 g.s.f. - 0.2 acres and Roberts House and garage [246 Beacon Street] 8,583 g.s.f. - 0.6 acres). Statistics as of May 31, 1996.
* This number appeared incorrectly in the print edition of the Fact Book but is correct in this electronic edition.
Source: Space Management (square footage); Buildings and Grounds (acreage)

Date Posted: April 16, 1997
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