Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997


The Boston College Fact Book is a summary of significant statistics gathered from various sources throughout the University. Once again, we wish to extend sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent cooperation and assistance received from these many sources.

The purpose of the Fact Book is to produce a single-source publication and reference document that touches upon and integrates all aspects of the institution's people and its operations. We do wish to point out to all users that the information presented herein was compiled at a specific time - July through December 1996 - to reflect the Academic Year 1995-96, as well as the most current enrollment statistics for Fall 1996.

The majority of the information is extracted from management reports produced on a regular basis by the various source offices. When reviewing the figures presented we advise you always to note the time frame referenced in the individual tables, and to contact responsible offices (noted at the bottom of each table) should you have further questions.

With this 25th edition, we continue our efforts to produce a Fact Book that provides both current information and an historical perspective. We welcome your comments and suggestions for additional information that might be included or improvements in the way information is presented.

James M. O'Neill & Ivy R. Dodge, Editors
Office of the Executive Vice President
December 1996

Date Posted: March 31, 1997
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