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Center for Human Rights and International Justice

Women Educating Women Towards Empowerment and Leadership

A team of students led by Professor M. Brinton Lykes and Attorney Jessica Chicco and the organization Women Encouraging Empowerment (WEE, Inc.) joined together to launch the Women Educating Women Towards Empowerment and Leadership project.  WEE was founded in 2010 by a group of immigrant women and allies to educate, advocate, protect and advance the rights of immigrants, refugees and low-income women and their families through organizing, leadership development and service delivery.  By bringing together psychologists, social workers, attorneys, and staff organizers, the joint project members identified areas in which WEE staff and constituents would benefit from additional knowledge and opportunity for discussion. The project then organized three participatory "Know Your Rights" workshops on topics of domestic violence and immigration, and further workshops and other collaborations are planned based on the interests and needs of WEE members.