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Volume 24, Issue 24.1-2


1: Human Nature Is the Bride: Bosch's Nuptial Imaginaries
David Core

40: The Iconostasis and Darśan in Orthodox Christianity and Mahāyāna Buddhism
Junhyoung Michael Shin

67: Wuthering Heights: Brontë's Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
Judith Stuchiner

86: Packaging Polytheism as Monotheism: A Study of the Mythopeic Deity in Tolkein's The Silmarillion
Ashna Mary Jacob and Nirmala Menon

112: Geoffrey Hill's Poetic Incarnational Theology
Jesse Russell

134: What Do the Inconsolable See? From Virgil's Orpheus to Marilynne Robinson's Ruth
Robert Baker

150: The Question of Justice in the Novel of Consciousness: Marilynne Robinson's Lila
Michael Vander Weele

176: The Theologian and the Torturer: Craig Pearce's Will
Michale D. Friedman

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