Managerial Accounting

Saturday 2nd June - Sunday 1st July 2018

This course explains the usefulness of accounting information for managerial decision-making in the areas of analysis, planning, and control. The fundamentals of managerial accounting, including product costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, profit planning, and performance evaluation will be introduced set against the unique background of Ireland’s culture and business environment.  Ireland will play a key role in the course as students apply the concepts learned in class to the site visits offered by the program.  Additionally, students will experience a global view of business first-hand as we apply course principles within the context of Ireland and its culture and history.

This course specifically examines how financial information is prepared and how it is used by managers in making critical business decisions. In order to fulfill the organization’s strategic mission, managers must quickly and continuously respond to the changing competitive environment. This involves being engaged in continuous dialogue with all players contributing to the creation of the organization’s performance, and appreciating the behavioral, ethical and other implications of the business decisions at hand.
The summer course in Dublin will apply the concepts and tools learned in the course to local Dublin businesses visited, to determine how these concepts and tools are used to: manage day to day operations; evaluate performance; make strategic and operational decisions; allocate resources; effectively adapt to a changing environment; and meet the many other requirements of an effective manager. The site visits will be incorporated into the curriculum via written assignments which will comprise a significant portion of the final course grade.

Applications can be made through the Office of International Programs website. Please contact Ms. Sara Brown, OIP Program Manager on or by phone on 617-552-3827 to schedule an informational or advising appointment.