The Business, History and Politics of Sport

Saturday 2nd June - Sunday 1st July 2018

Sport is one of the biggest industries in the world with an estimated global turnover of $300 billion per year in revenue and is regularly cited as one of the fastest growing businesses today. 

This program will work through a series of questions relating to global sport, and in particular will seek to understand how it has become the multi-billion dollar business it is today. The aim of this class is to understand where sport originated historically, how it has functioned in different cultures, and why it means so much to so many people. Students will explore the manner in which sport is represented in literature, film and advertising while also examining its darker aspects, such as links to politics, and problems around drugs and cheating.

The program will ask students to think through their own relationship with sport, whether as a participant or a consumer. Additionally it will offer a series of introductions to people who work within the sports business, which will particularly appeal to any student with possible career aspirations in that field. 

Applications can be made through the Office of International Programs website. Please contact Ms. Sara Brown, OIP Program Manager on or by phone on 617-552-3827 to schedule an informational or advising appointment.