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LSEHD students are eligible to study abroad during either the fall or spring semester of the junior year. Students should begin planning in the fall semester of their sophomore year.

Yes! Even though LSEHD does not have a foreign language requirement, students are strongly encouraged to study abroad in a foreign language destination.

LSEHD students are encouraged to concentrate on completing a majority of the university core courses before studying abroad. However, since students in other countries tend to specialize earlier in the field of study than students in the U.S., it is important to balance work on the core with work in the major/minor fields in order to build a strong background for study abroad. This background will allow you to participate in regular classes with local students, and take advantage of the best offerings at your host institution.

All LSEHD students must meet with The Office of Undergraduate Programs and Students (Campion 104), Associate Director, Maureen Raymond prior to applying for study abroad in order to discuss potential coursework. With careful selection and PRE-approval from LSEHD OUP, courses taken abroad can count for LSEHDmajor and minor credit. MCAS double majors can also receive major credit for courses taken abroad with prior pre-approval of the appropriate MCAS department.

Lynch School students are encouraged to take electives abroad. The best types of courses are those that focus on the region in which you are studying, and those that reflect the strengths of the host university department.

Completing an international field experience while abroad isan option. In places where placements are not offered as a regular part of the program, it is possible to work with the BC Office of Field Placement & Partnership Outreach in order to arrange a suitable local placement. Students interested in completing an international field placement must email the International Field Placement Practicum Coordinator You can learn more about the International Field Placement program here.

Students planning to do an honors or senior thesis are advised to identify a potential topic and potential supervisor prior to studying abroad. Students should then keep in touch with the thesis supervisor while abroad.

Department Contacts

Lynch School of Education and Human Develpment (LSEHD) students seeking MCAS credit for courses taken abroad can contact Maureen

Dr. Julia DeVoy
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students
 & Programs                                                                               
                                                                        617-552- 4204                                                    


Maureen Raymond
Associate Director of Student 
Academic Services & Operations, JYA Course Advising
                                                                 617-552- 4204                   


Jill Pickener
Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs,  Formation& Engagement                     
                                                                 617-552- 4204                   


Gabriella Ricciardone
International Field Placement Coordinator