Honors Program


The BCE Honors program for high-school students offers a comprehensive experience which allow you to experience college life first-hand, and tackle the seemingly-intimidating college search.  Taking two university-level courses, working towards six college credits, serving the community, receiving mentorship, and engaging with fellow students, faculty and peer advisors help you to become familiar with independent student life. The BCE honors has proudly hosted talented high-school students to live and learn for twenty years on the Heights!

Please note, even though a few 100% online courses have been approved for BCE students to take, to participate in the BCE Honors program, you must take ONE of your two courses on ground.  Students MAY NOT take two online courses as part of the Honors Program as either a resident or a commuter status.

Program Dates:
June 22- July 31, 2020

Students entering grades 11 & 12 

Application Deadlines for 2018

February 15
March 15
April 15
May 15

Students hanging out in the dorm lounge

A Day in the Life...

8:00 am - Breakfast

AM Class

12:00 pm - Lunch and social time

PM Class

5:00 pm - Dinner

6:00 pm - Evening Class

9:00 pm - Social Event