Academic Support

BCE students have the unique opportunity to enroll in college-level classes in two programs

Students enrolled in the Honors Program choose two courses and those enrolled in the Math Experience may chose one from a list of carefully curated interdsicplinary courses offered to all undergraduate students during the summer. Math Experience will automatically be enrolled in Excursions in Math as their second course. Summer 2019 courses coming soon.

With classes in numerous disciplines, students choose which courses to take and have the opportunity to earn college credit. Residential students will enroll in two courses during the program and commuter students have the option to enroll in up to two courses but are only required to enroll in one.

Advising and Course Selection

Students’ formal curriculum is complemented by activities designed to broaden each student’s experience. Academic advising by professors and counselors assists students in their summer study as well as in planning for future studyBCE Peer Advisors in the residence hall help to give insight into what life both inside and outside of the classroom is like in the university setting. You should indicate on your application which concentration and courses you are interested in taking but this is just to help us guage interests. Course selection and registration will occur in April.

NOTE: Two and Three Week Programs are comprised of specificly designed curriculum and open to BCE participants only. Students enrolled in these programs do not choose from the interdisciplinary list referenced above nor do they earn college credit. 

Academic Support

Students in the Boston College Experience are taking regular university Summer Session courses alongside other BC undergraduates and visiting students. Although professors are made aware that they have BCE students in their courses, they do not treat them any differently in their participation or academic expectations. College level courses are significantly more difficult than AP or Honors courses in high school and students should be prepared for a challenge and ready to commit time outside of class to read and complete assignments. Our staff is available and ready to assist students in understanding the academic expectations and learning how to organize their time. Our academic advisors and program staff are always available to provide additional support should a student find they are struggling to manage the course work. Additionally, tutoring and writing assistance is available through the Connors Family Learning Center.