Residential Experience

Students Making Tie Dye Shirts Outside the Dorm


BCE students come from all over the world. Most students live on campus but students are allowed to commute from home. The convenience of being near the libraries, and other academic facilities, along with the social and educational opportunities afforded by residential living, contributes to the total value of the summer program.  Boston College Experience students are housed in a traditional-style residence hall. Residents live in shared rooms (mostly doubles, some triples) on same-sex floors with a community bathroom and will enjoy spacious lounges for studying and socializing.  

Staff members who are thoroughly familiar with Boston College programs and resources are in residence and are capable of responding to most of the students' needs. Peer Advisors plan a variety of truly engaging activities, and students are given a degree of freedom and responsibility to establish priorities and to manage their time accordingly.


Students will live in traditional style housing only a five-minute walk to where classes will be held.

The residence halls have numerous lounges to study and socialize, providing students with an experience similar to what many first-year students experience. Students will be living in shared rooms (no singles; mostly doubles, but there are some triples and quads). 

BCE residential students will be assigned housing by the program.     

  • There is no application processs necessary to obtain housing if you indicated you will reside on campus in your application.
  • Roomates are assigned randomly.
  • There are no single rooms available.
Students Working on Homework in the Dorm Lounge