Christos Fellows Program

About the Program

Housed in the Applied Research Department at the Woods College of Advancing Studies, the Christos Fellows Program serves to prepare men and women who will maximally impact their respective fields of inquiry and practice through ethical and interdisciplinary leadership. With particular attention paid to the preparation of Christian leaders in a variety of academic areas, industries, and ministries, the Christos Fellows Program includes annual, dedicated scholarship funding for Christos Fellows at the graduate level, a Postdoctoral Fellow, and a Visiting Scholar. The combination of these constituents function as an interdisciplinary community devoted to program development, coordination of internal and external conversations through conference attendance and facilitation, collaborative scholarship, and formation exercises (retreats, shared learning, etc.).


Inspire Interdisciplinary Approaches to Modern Problems

All recipients of Christos scholarships will form an interdisciplinary team devoted to program development and coordination of internal and external conversations.


Facilitate Formation in Academics, Service, and Leadership

The purpose of the Christos Fellows Program is to facilitate opportunities for formation in academics, service, and leadership. Fellows will participate in monthly meetings, shared readings, collaborative research projects, retreat activities, conference planning, and participation in an interdisciplinary seminar.


Topical seminars and workshops will be provided to the broader community utilizing the talents and shared interests of the Scholar Program members. This includes two large interdisciplinary conferences.

Meet the Christos Fellows

Henry DiGiacomo

Henry DiGiacomo

Henry is excited to begin the Master of Science in Cybersecurity Policy and Governance Program at Boston College. Henry earned his Juris Doctor from Suffolk University, a Master in Business Administration from Northeastern University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Boston College. Henry’s career has spanned a wide breadth of experiences. He currently manages his private law firm, while at the same time supporting the Executive Office of Health and Human Services in Massachusetts. Henry aims to utilize this degree to practice cybersecurity law in order to provide meaningful solutions to modern cybersecurity risks.


Henry DiGiacomo

Isaac Fowler 

Isaac joins the Master of Science in Leadership and Administration Program following a career focused on coaching young people and helping them to achieve their highest potential. He served in a leadership capacity on the board of his Nazarene Church and received his Bachelor of Science degree from Gordon College. Isaac views ministry as a reflection of one’s self, as a mission in lieu of a job. He believes in leading through service and a commitment to truth

Nina Nguyen

Sydney Helmbrecht 

Sydney begins the Master of Science in Sports Administration at Boston College following completion of her Bachelor of Science in Sport Management from the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine. Sydney hopes to one day be the Athletic Director of a high school. In this role, she aspires to be inclusive in all athletic programming. Her desire to be inclusive also drives her passion to enact social change through providing athletic experiences to underserved communities.


Nina Nguyen

Mark Koget 

Mark begins the Master of Science in Applied Economics Program following a career in finance and management. Mark earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance at Pennsylvania State University. Later in his career, he earned a Master in Business Administration from Duquesne University. Mark looks forward to utilizing economic tools and big data to promote just and ethical use of information toward the betterment of society.


Nina Nguyen

Mazya Mowlood ’20

Mazya begins the Master of Healthcare Administration Program concurrent with a career as a financial analyst at Partners Healthcare. Mazya received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences from Boston University. She hopes to utilize what she learns in the M.H.A. program to address systemic and economic healthcare concerns in both the United States and Mauritania. In making healthcare more accessible, she hopes to support people in achieving their highest potential.


Nina Nguyen

Nina Nguyen

Nina Nguyen joins us at Boston College in the Master of Healthcare Administration Program following a 20-year career in software development. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Concordia University. Nina volunteers at nursing homes and over the course of her volunteer work, she developed a passion for serving the elderly population with the dignity they are owed as children of God. This passion formed Nina’s vocation, brought her to study at Boston College, and inspired her to enact change and support our aging communities.

Nina Nguyen

Nicole Niedringhaus

Nicole joins the Boston College community following completion of her Bachelor’s degree from St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she majored in International Economics and Catholic Studies. She finds that the study of economics alone fails to address the complexity of human need, necessitating other paradigms of study. Nicole looks forward to continuing her study of economics through a Christian lens to address social issues.


Nina Nguyen

Katherine Phelan 

Katherine begins the Master of Science in Leadership and Administration program at Boston College this fall. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Secondary Education at Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island. Before entering this program, Katherine worked as a portfolio analyst and sales team leader. With this new degree, Katherine hopes to create environments in which others are given both the resources and space to thrive. She intends to serve her community by implementing recommendations developed through collaborative research.


Nina Nguyen

Ryann Starnes 

Ryann joins the Boston College Master of Science in Sports Administration program following the completion of her Bachelor of Business Studies degree from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. At Hardin-Simmons, Ryann majored in Sports Management and Marketing. Ryann finds that sports have a unique way of uplifting people and developing community. She hopes to collaborate with peers to develop a deeper understanding of those around her so she may better serve them.



Christos Fellows Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Register for two courses within academic program per semester

Register for 1-credit Interdisciplinary Fellows Seminar each semester

  • Seminar includes monthly meetings oriented around interdisciplinary scholarship and ethical leadership studies

  • During final year of study, Christos Fellows will complete interdisciplinary research project with fellow Christos Program participants and/or Program Director. Must submit scholarly presentation to a professional/academic conference. Submission of draft for publication consideration is highly encouraged.

  • 2 years (5 semesters)- Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020

  • Begin in Fall 2018 and graduate in May 2020

  • Length of time allows for cohort model and additional formation and research related responsibilities

Participate in formation activities including:

  • Week-long service-learning project between academic terms (Summer 2019)

  • Weekend retreats (2 per year)

Fellows must maintain a 3.3 GPA (minimum)

Residency in Boston area is highly recommended as there are in-person immersion components that necessitate physical presence (e.g. orientation, weekend retreats, service-learning)

Christos Fellows




Full tuition coverage
Research opportunities
Leadership formation