Through a bridge grant from Catholic Extension and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston College is offering educational opportunities to 36 Latin American Sisters who are in the United States for a five-year placement in various economically disadvantaged dioceses.  It is the hope that these educational experiences will prepare the Sisters for leadership roles within their current diocesan placement, and for future leadership work upon their return to their home country.  Twelve of the 36 Sisters are now officially matriculating students in the Woods College’s Master of Science in Applied Leadership Studies (MSAL) degree and will be graduating this May 2019.

This program represents the deep investment that Boston College has in nourishing Catholic leaders to better serve the Church with its particular and evolving needs in the 21st Century and, according to one Sister, is “a gift from God.”


Here, we are learning about leadership, intercultural skills, marketing, management, and how to request funding – loans – for the big projects. We feel much empowered. You can’t be a good pastor or religious leader without tools. And I have found these tools in these courses.
Sister Margarita Morales of Chiapas, Mexico

Key aspects of the initiative

1: Education

Creating transformative learning opportunities for Women Religious

2: Leadership

Empowering future generations of leaders in Latin American, Catholic communities

3: Immersion

Bringing together Women Religious in shared experience and formation