Woods College Faculty

Erika Prijatelj

Adjunct Faculty

Selected Professional Experience

2009 - Present, Assistant Professor, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

2013 - 2014, Visting Professor, Boston College

2010, Visiting Professor, University of Cardinal Wyszynski

2005 - 2009, Adjunct Professor, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Selected Research & Publications

Compassion as a way of living the truth. In: Petkovšek, Robert Žalec, Bojan (Eds.). Truth and compassion: lessons from the past and premonitions of the future (Theology Ost-West, vol. 20). Wien, Zürich: Lit, pp. 27-134.

Healthy cultures: new challenges for interreligious dialogue. In: Synthesis philosophica, 2017 (1), pp. 109-120.

Religion, especially Christianity in dialogue with religions (Religija, posebno krščanstvo, v dialogu s kulturami in drugimi religijami). In: Bogoslovni vestnik 2017 (2), pp. 303-310.

Iphone family v. traditional family: The impact of technology on personal growth and interaction within the family. In: Stala, Józef Garmaz, Jadranka (Eds.). Strengthening families (The series Family studies, 5). Kraków: The Pontifical University of John Paul II., pp. 251-262.

Religion, violence and memory. In: Juhant, Janez, Žalec, Bojan (Eds.). Which Religion, What Ideology?: The (Religious) Potentials For Peace And Violence, (Theologie Ost-West, Vol. 19). Wien, Zürich: Lit, pp.141-148, pp. 200-201.