Faculty Directory

Francine Cardman

Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Church History

Selected Courses

Fall 2020

History of Western Christianity I

Selected Publications

“Sisters of Thecla: Knowledge, Power, and Change in the Church.” In Prophetic Witness: Catholic Women’s Strategies for the Church, ed. Colleen Griffith. New York: Crossroad (2009) 46-54.

“Early Christian Ethics.” In Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Studies, Susan Ashbrook Harvey and David G. Hunter, eds. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2008) 931-56.

“Poverty and Wealth as Theater: John Chrysostom’s Homilies on Lazarus and the Rich Man.” In Wealth and Poverty in Early Church and Society, ed. Susan R. Holman. Grand Rapids, Mich: Baker Academic (2008) 159-75.

“Foreword.” In A Just and True Love. Feminism at the Frontiers of Theological Ethics: Essays in Honor of Margaret A. Farley, ed. Maura A. Ryan and Brian Lindane. Notre Dame, Ind.: University of Notre Dame Press (2007) ix-xiii.

“Re-Thinking Early Christian Ethics.” Studia Patristica 40 (2006) 183-89.

“Who Did What in the Church in the First Millennium.” In Lay Ministry in the Catholic Church: Visioning Church Ministry through the Wisdom of the Past, ed. Richard W. Miller II. Liguori, MO: Liguori (2005) 1-31.

“Myth, History, and the Beginnings of the Church.” In Governance, Accountability, and the Future of the Catholic Church, ed. Francis Oakely and Bruce Russett. New York: Continuum (2004) 33-48.

“Laity and the Development of Doctrine: Perspectives from the Early Church.” In Laity and the Governance of the Church, ed. Stephen Pope. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press (2004), 51-69.