Kayla August

Doctoral Candidate


Kayla August is a doctoral student at the School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College, where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Theology and Education with a focus on preaching. She desires to use preaching to impact religious education by inspiring Catholics to deepen their encounters with scripture, tradition, and how God plays an active role in our daily lives. Her hope as a laywoman is to bring preaching into nontraditional arenas (books, podcasts, social media, television, etc.) as a way to reawaken faith and to re-engage an increasingly under-catechized church. Her interest in formation is rooted in her experiences of living and working in young adult faith formation as a University Ministry Intern at Loyola University of New Orleans and her professional work as the Assistant Director of Evangelization in the University of Notre Dame’s Campus Ministry department and as the Rector of Lyons Hall. She hopes that through preaching, she can help to enliven the young adult Catholic community and also help to inspire marginalized voices—like her own—in the Catholic faith to play an active role in the Church. She speaks openly about the inclusion of marginalized voices like people of color, women, and all those on the outskirts of the church and society, and she looks forward to a day when all voices will be universally heard in the universal church.