Erika Sabbath

Erika L. Sabbath, ScD

Assistant Professor
Boston College School of Social Work

Erika Sabbath has been a faculty affiliate of the Center since 2014. She is Assistant Professor in the Boston College School of Social Work in the Older Adults and Families, Health, and Mental Health fields of practice. Her work has two main foci: First, she studies workplace stress, worker health outcomes, and employer-relevant economic outcomes, particularly among low-wage workers. Second, she studies the long-term (post-retirement) effects of work on health. She is currently the principal investigator of the Boston Hospital Workers Health Study (BHWHS), a longitudinal cohort study of 15,000 hospital patient care workers funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). She was also the recipient of a K01 career development award from NIOSH.

Her work related to the Center’s mission has focused on the experiences of older workers in multigenerational workforces. She has also published multiple papers examining the long-term effects of work on health after people have retired. Finally, she has collaborated with other Center researchers on projects related to productive engagement at older ages.

Her work has been published in outlets such as American Journal of Public Health, International Journal of Epidemiology, Neurology, and Social Work. She holds a doctorate in social epidemiology from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the University of Paris XI-Sud.