Difference, Justice, and the Common Good

New Cultural Diversity Core Courses

These new and updated courses, drawn from different departments across the university, offer new ways for students to fulfill the Cultural Diversity Core requirement. All of these classes focus on themes of difference, justice, and the common good. Faculty teaching these courses are currently participating in a series of preparatory workshops to discuss and debate the meanings of difference, justice, and the common good, to collaborate on their syllabi, and to develop strategies for engaging students in the classroom. Taking our differences seriously and striving for common ground embody the spirit of a liberal arts university in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition. The world’s diversity is real, and the pursuit of fairness and shared fulfillment is more urgent than ever. Students are encouraged to take these classes.

Call for Proposals

Cultural Diversity Core Renewal 2019–2020 Undergraduate Courses
Difference, Justice, and the Common Good in the United States

The Office of the Associate Dean for the Core invites proposals from faculty members for courses to be taught in 2019–2020 that address the theme of Difference, Justice, and the Common Good in the United States. These courses will count for Cultural Diversity Core credit and can be considered to receive additional Core credit (e.g., Social Science, History, Philosophy, etc.). They may be of any level, from introductory to advanced. Faculty will receive stipends of $1,000 in exchange for syllabi development in the spring 2018 semester in consultation with the Cultural Diversity subcommittee of the University Core Renewal Committee.

Faculty members may propose to develop a new course or to substantially refashion an existing course. The process of course (re-)development during the spring 2018 semester involves aligning course syllabi with the following learning outcomes:

  1. Students will be able to explain how power shapes differences and creates injustices in the United States and how power can be used to achieve justice. In the context of the university’s Jesuit, Catholic mission, and as appropriate in the particular course, students encounter and engage the reality of a broken world that calls out for justice, love, and mercy.

  2. Students will develop skills to think more critically about how difference and power have operated both in the past and present. Such skills may include intercultural competence, engaging with diverse others, reflection on one’s own experiences and identity, integrating the theoretical and empirical study of difference and power, and connecting academic knowledge to lived experience.

  3. Students will explore the relationship between justice and the common good and imagine how to act constructively in dialogue with people who are marginalized and dispossessed in the pursuit of justice and the common good.

Payment of the stipend is contingent upon submission and approval of syllabi by the University Core Renewal Committee’s Cultural Diversity subcommittee. To apply for this initiative, interested faculty members should complete the application. Submissions are due Monday, March 11, 2019. The initial application asks for:

  • A title and one-paragraph abstract of the course;
  • whether this is a new or revised course;
  • whether you are seeking other Core credit in addition to Cultural Diversity (Social Science, History, Philosophy, etc.);
  • confirmation that the course is scheduled to be taught during the 2019-2020 academic year, and which semester it will be offered.