Call for Proposals Engaging Difference & Justice

Call for Proposals 2021-2022 Undergraduate Courses
Engaging Difference & Justice

Renewal of the Cultural Diversity Core Requirement

The University Core Renewal Committee, together with the Provost's Office, is pleased to announce a call for proposals for Core courses to be taught in 2021–2022 on the theme of Engaging Difference & Justice. Drawing from the success of the Difference, Justice, and the Common Good in the United States initiative, Engaging Difference & Justice is designed to bring a new set of courses into the Cultural Diversity Core requirement dealing with themes of diversity, inclusion, and justice worldwide (see below).  

Engaging Difference & Justice

Engaging Difference & Justice courses will challenge students to envision societies in which all can flourish in freedom, integrity, and fullness of life “through the mutual respect their members show to one another in their interactions and relationships.” 1 These courses will aspire to meet the following learning goals:

  • Students will reflect on the importance of community, shared values, inclusion, and solidarity at all levels of social connection- from the familial to the global.

  • Students will engage critically with past and present instances of injustice. Complex issues concerning race, class, gender, sexuality, dis/ability, religion and other socio-cultural categories may be explored. 

  • Students will integrate the theoretical and empirical study of difference and power in their many forms; reflect on their own experiences and identities; and connect academic knowledge to lived experience.

  • Students will imagine how to flourish in communities in ways that evaluate and embrace difference and overcome injustice by becoming engaged global citizens in service of, and in care for, our common home. 

  • Students will explore the conditions that need to exist, and how to create those conditions, for all of society’s members to live fully human lives of freedom and integrity.

Engaging Difference & Justice courses may be approached from any disciplinary perspective, in any department or program, at Boston College. As courses that fulfill the Cultural Diversity Core requirement, these courses may be fulfilled by a course above the Core level. It may simultaneously fulfill another requirement of the Core, or a major/minor.

1 Hollenbach, S.J., David (2002). Recovering the Commonweal. In The Common Good and Christian Ethics (New Studies in Christian Ethics, pp. 65-86). Cambridge University Press.