MCAS Language Proficiency - External Testing

In the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences (MCAS), we recognize that our students may wish to establish language proficiency in a language that is not taught by our faculty. We value and respect that skill, and appreciate the rich diversity it brings to our campus. However, since this is an academic requirement, we must have a way to establish academic proficiency. Students who wish to satisfy this requirement with a language not offered at Boston College may take an external proficiency exam for this purpose. Some important points to consider:

Current language proficiency policies will remain governed by the relevant department. Students should refer to the department guidelines for testing alternatives.

Romance Languages

Eastern, Slavic, & German Studies

If a student seeks to fulfill language proficiency with a language that is not offered at Boston College, s/he must establish knowledge comparable to the Intermediate II level through an outside examination. Students should consult with their Associate Dean about exam options.

Exams must include reading, writing and oral proficiency. Most of these exams are given online through a local/regional testing center. Proctoring may be possible through the Associate Dean’s office.

*NB: No academic credit will be awarded, regardless of exam score. The exam and score are only used to satisfy the language proficiency requirement.

Students are responsible for scheduling the exam, sending score reports to the Associate Dean, and covering the cost of the exam.

If a student is unable to find an appropriate language proficiency exam, s/he must fulfill the proficiency requirement with appropriate coursework.

Students should plan to satisfy an exam-based language proficiency no later than fall semester of sophomore year.

Failure to establish language proficiency is the main reason students do not meet graduation requirements—it is important that students plan ahead with realistic expectations.