Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for the Women's and Gender Studies graduate certificate?

Students must complete four (4) graduate level courses selected from the list of approved Women’s and Gender Studies Courses. These course offerings draw from various departments within the GSAS of Arts and Sciences and are subject to change each semester. It is up to a student’s home department to decide which courses they will allow to be double-counted for the graduate certificate and the student's home department.

Who is eligible to complete the certificate?

Any student who is currently completing a Master's or Ph.D. graduate program in the Boston College Graduate School of Morrissey Arts & Sciences is eligble to complete the Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies.

How do I register for the certificate?

You can register for the certificate on our website by filling out and submitting this form.

When can I register for the certificate?

You may register at any time during the year and at any point during your program of study.

Which courses can I take to complete a graduate certificate in Women's and Gender Studies?

Courses that fulfill the certificate requirements can be found on our website. If you believe a course should count toward the certificate but it is not listed, please E-mail We cannot guarantee that these courses will satisfy the requirements for your overall M.A. or Ph.D. program. Contact your respective graduate program director for specific information.

Can past courses that I have taken at Boston College count toward the certificate?

If you have taken graduate courses at Boston College that you believe might count towards the graduate certificate, please E-mail to set up a meeting with one of our program directors.

Will the courses I take toward the graduate certificate count towards the requirements for my graduate program?

Each graduate department has specific requirements about which courses taken outside of the department will count towards their graduate students' programs of study. We highly recommend that you contact your respective graduate director to discuss the how the graduate certificate fits in with your M.A. or Ph.D. program.

For more information, please E-mail