African Diaspora

Introduction to Caribbean Writers - Rhonda Federick (AADS 2199)

Haiti and the DR: Haitian and Dominican Literature - Régine Jean‐Charles (AADS 1118)


Political Communication: Latin America's Public Sphere - Ernesto Livon Grosman (COMM 2237)

The Latin American Documentary - Ernesto Livon-Grosman (COMM 4437)

Applied Psychology

Participatory Action Research: Gender, Race, Power - Brinton Lykes (APSY 8912)


The Colonial Imagination: History and Identity in Latin America - Sarah Beckjord (SPAN 6614)

Literature of the Hispanic Caribbean - Sarah Beckjord (SPAN 6660)

Literature of the Fantastic in Latin America - Sarah Beckjord (SPAN 6674)

Early Spanish American Women Writers - Sarah Beckjord (SPAN 6678)

History and Identity in Spanish America - Sarah Beckjord (SPAN 6614)

Writing and Memory in the Andean World - Sarah Beckjord (SPAN 6655)

Latin American Short Story - Sarah Beckjord (SPAN 6628)

Borderlines: Immigration and Borderlines - Elizabeth Rhodes (SPAN 6636)

New Latin American Narrative (Spring Semester) - Humbert Delgado-Velazquez (SPAN 6642)

Spanish Short Story Since Clarin - Irene Mizrahi (SPAN 6647)

Hispanic Nobel Prize Winners in Literature - Irene Mizrahi (SPAN 6652)

The Poetic Generation of 1927 - Irene Mizrahi (SPAN 6667)

Modern and Post Modern - Irene Mizrahi (SPAN 6689)

LA through Film, Film through LA - Humbert Delgado-Velazquez (SPAN6616)

Topics in Post-1900 Latin American Literature - Humbert Delgado-Velazquez (SPAN6624)


Travelers in Latin America - Sylvia Sellers-Garcia (HIST 4370)

Colonial Latin America - Sylvia Sellers-Garcia (HIST 2301)

Latin America in the World I - Sylvia Sellers-Garcia (HIST 1063)

Inquisition in Spain and Spanish America - Sylvia Sellers-Garcia (HIST 4371)

Latin America in the World II (Spring Semester) - Genevieve Dempsey (HIST 1064)

Modern Latin America - Maria Picone (HIST 2302)

Borders and Frontiers in Modern Latin America - Maria Picone (HIST 4302)

Resisting and Rebelling I - Sylvia Garcia-Sellers (HIST183201)

Mexico between Fact and Fiction - Sylvia Garcia-Sellers (HIST437301)


Spanish American Philosophy - Gary Gutler (PHIL 4423)

Political Science

Latin American Politics - Jennie Purnell (POLI 4100)

Romance Languages and Literatures

Understanding Latinos: Cultural Productions - Humberto Delgado Velázquez (SPAN662401)


Faith & Conflict: Religion & Social Change in Latin America - Gustavo Morello (SOCY 3342)

Introduction to Latin American Societies - Gustavo Morello (SOCY1036)