Advising Overview

The interdisciplinary character of the major and minor in International Studies requires that students carefully coordinate their course of study across many academic departments. Early planning is essential to a successful program, as schedules can conflict and not all courses are offered every year.

We encourage faculty and students alike to download our IS Program Advising Handbook, which offers a concise account of the requirements for IS majors and minors; answers to common but specific questions about university and Morrissey College (MCAS) rules such as double-counting courses and taking classes pass/fail; and an addendum with campus resources for a wide range of issues. Another important advising document is the IS Major Course Plan and the IS Minor Course Plan, in which students lay out their specific plan to complete their major/minor requirements. You can also find much more information about MCAS and University requirements at the MCAS Academic Advising Center site.  

Faculty Advising

Students majoring in International Studies are assigned a faculty advisor with expertise in their area of concentration. When faculty take research leaves from the university, their student advisees are temporarily reassigned to other IS faculty or staff. Students who have concerns about their advisor should contact IS Program Director Prof. Erik Owens.

Students minoring in International Studies will have a primary faculty advisor in their major program or department, but are invited to consult informally with any IS faculty member or with our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Prof. Hiroshi Nakazato.

Peer Advising

Each year the IS Program hires a diverse team of Peer Advisors to help guide fellow students through the many decisions and processes required to make your way into and through the IS Program. We encourage current and prospective students to reach out to the peer advisors for answers, advice and support -- they are terrific resources.  Until further notice, all peer advising will happen remotely, via Zoom.

To book a meeting with a specific Peer Advisor, read about their experiences, skills, and interests in the list below or on their bio pages, then click the links to make an appointment using an automated scheduler.  

To book a meeting with *any* Peer Advisor, send an email to with the subject line "Peer Advising," telling us about your situation and when you'd like to meet.

Meet the 2020-21 Peer Advisors

Grace Cavanagh

Click photo to make a peer advising appointment with Grace.

Grace Cavanagh '21

  • IS Concentration: Cooperation & Conflict
  • Minor: Hispanic Studies
  • Hails from: Albany, New York
  • Languages: English (native), Spanish (proficient)
  • Experience abroad: Spring 2020 in Granada, Spain; interned at U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru
  • Other experience: RA for Center for Human Rights and International Justice; e-board member of International Studies Student Association (ISSA); Truman and Fulbright applications
  • Learn more about Grace


Mariana Ferreira

Click photo to make a peer advising appointment with Mariana.

Mariana Ferreira '21



Pearson Love

Click photo to make a peer advising appointment with Pearson

Pearson Love '22


Mahima Menghani

Click photo to make a peer advising appointment with Mahima.

Mahima Menghani '21

  • IS Concentration: Political Economy and Development Studies
  • Minor: Finance
  • Hails from: Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Languages: English (native), Hindi (fluent), Spanish (proficient)
  • Experience abroad: Fall 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark; research trip to India
  • Other experience: Interned with the Securities & Financial Fraud Unit of the U.S. Attorney’s Office; Prof. Peter Krause’s Project on National Movements and Political Violence; Innocence Program at BC Law School;  Junior Fellow, Clough Center for Constitutional Democracy. 
  • Of note: Planning on going to law school; knowledge of Advanced Study Grants
  • Learn more about Mahima


Brianna Stonick

Click photo to make a peer advising appointment with Brianna

Brianna Stolnick '21

  • IS Concentration: Political Economy and Development Studies
  • Hails from: Connecticut
  • Languages: English (native), French (proficient)
  • Experience abroad: Spring 2020 in Paris, France
  • Other experience: Served as a comparative politics research fellow with a regional focus on Africa; interned on an MA congressional campaign (Alan Khazei); applying for Fulbright ETA in Kenya
  • Learn more about Brianna


Mary Su

Click photo to make a peer advising appointment with Mary.

Mary Su '22

  • IS Concentration: Ethics & Social Justice
  • Hails from: Beijing, China
  • Languages: Mandarin (native), English (fluent), Spanish (conversational)
  • Experience abroad: Chile, Summer 2019; planning for Spring 2021 semester in London; raised in China 
  • Other experience: Volunteer at Samaritans crisis hotline; interned at the Boston Court Service Center 
  • Learn more about Mary


Staff Assistance

The International Studies Program receives a wide range of administrative assistance from the Interdisciplinary Programs staff in the Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences. Our colleagues in Interdisciplinary Programs include:

Ms. Patricia Joyce
Assistant Director, Interdisciplinary Programs
Gasson Hall 104

Ms. Joan Reilly
Administrative Assistant, Interdisciplinary Programs
Connolly House 112

Campus Resources

Boston College offers many resources for additional counseling, advising, and support, and we encourage students to reach out to the following programs: