Internships are an excellent way to learn about an employer or industry, and to gain important skills and experience vefore you graduate. Many corporations, thinktanks, NGOs, government offices/agencies, schools, and other organizations offer internships during the summer or academic year. Some are more formalized than others; some offer a salary or stipend while others do not.  

Academic Credit

IS majors can receive one academic credit upon completion of a substantial internship.

  • Subsequent internships cannot receive academic credit, but remain excellent enrichment opportunities.
  • Students should contact Prof. Nakazato (Director of Undergraduates Studies) before you start your internship in order to ensure you receive academic credit. 
  • Internships are listed as on your transcript as a one-credit pass/fail course.

Funding assistance

Funding is available to assist students completing unpaid internships.

  • The Eagle Intern Fellowship provides financial support to Boston College undergraduates who obtain summer internships with organizations that are not able to provide a salary. By eliminating financial barriers, this program provides an opportunity for you to explore your career interests and experience the world of work.

  • The Clough Center Civic Internship Grants fund students who would otherwise be uncompensated for work on behalf of government, non-profit, or civic organizations during the summer. Applications are due in April each year. 

  • The CWBC Colloquium Fellowship advance women’s leadership by providing funds to help offset the costs of an unpaid summer internship. Applications are due in April.


Internship Locations

Here are some of the internships that IS majors and minors have completed in recent years. These are just a tiny fraction of the places that offer internships, and more are announced most weeks in our newsletter's Career section, so search broadly!



CSIS is a large foreign policy think tank in Washington with programs focused on all parts of the world and a broad array of topics. Placed in the Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project with five other interns working for four full time staff and two directors, one intern was given opportunities to contribute in a number of rewarding ways. For instance, he contributed to the Project's forthcoming report evaluating and providing policy recommendations for reconstruction in Afghanistan; shared publishing duties with other interns of a twice-weekly brief that covers related news stories and events; and helped prepare presentations for the director before a variety of audiences including the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a DARPA research group. He was surprised by the fast-paced and youthful environment that mixes officials fresh out of high levels in government with young college graduates and interns and would recommend it to anyone interested in another way of experiencing Washington.

Websites: http://www.csis.orgs

International Studies Students Internships at United Planet

This spring several BC International Studies students are serving as interns at United Planet in Boston which offers internships and promotes international "Quest" programs that may be of interest to BC IS majors and minors.

United Planet is a non-profit organization whose goal is to foster cross-cultural understanding and friendship, support communities in dire need, and promote social and economic prosperity among cultures in order to unite the world in a community beyond borders. While helping to manage the flow of long-term exchanges, intern/project coordinator Erik George says he has gained a great deal of respect for their "Quest" programs that offer a hard-to-find combination of humanitarian work and experience-based cultural learning. Current BC interns, recommend both the short or long-term programs to students at BC who have some spare time—from a week to a year—and who want to do something meaningful with it.

Quests are meant to immerse the volunteer in the local community through its volunteer work. As the Quest volunteer brings aid to a community, they also learn from the community, thus providing an educational adventure that combines cultural learning, exploration, humanitarian service, and a transformative, rewarding, and educational experience.

Internship Opportunities

American University (AU) Abroad Program

The program consists of a course on the European Union that meets once a week and an internship. American University helps you find an internship by providing contacts that have worked with the program before.

The program is for seven-eight weeks during the summer.


Rather than applying for a State Department internship, one can apply directly for this opportunity. The Foreign Commercial Service is part of the US Commercial Service, which is part of the Department of Commerce. The internship consisted of working with Foreign Service officers on a variety of on going projects and research about the European Union as a market as well as issues that concern US corporations doing business in the EU.

Length: six-eight weeks


CABA is a business association based in Boston, Massachusetts. We focus on helping our members take targeted action on climate change through progressive policy and driving their internal sustainability. We have several internship positions available with responsibilities designed to best fit the skills and experiences of the candidates.

Candidates should be willing to work with others both inside and outside of the coalition as needed. Preferred background in web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript), but not necessary to complete the primary functions of the role. Excellent written and oral communication skills are a must. Not afraid to speak to officials at all levels of government. Ability to use MailChimp and HootSuite is a plus. Experience with Wordpress, LinkedIn, Excel and Excel-based data management tools.



As part of the Institute experience, ICPES students gain exclusive visits to the White House, US Capitol, The Federal Reserve, State Department, and CIA headquarters. Students are addressed by leaders and policy-makers at these site briefings. In addition, students are exposed to the Judd Lecture Series on foreign policy and economics given by internationally-recognized economists.


Boston, Mass.
Fall, Spring, Summer

The EEA is the umbrella environmental organization for Massachusetts state government. Interns select a department (policy, water, land, public relations, technology, etc.) and work with a supervisor on a long-term project. Interns are also involved in other smaller projects and help out at and attend conferences/meetings. The internship is unpaid but offers great experience in government and environmental work. The interns are also invited to participate in weekly brown-bag lunches with speakers who present on their careers and life paths that led to them. Speakers include people from the EEA or other government environmental agencies, environmental consulting groups, and other related fields.


Washington, DC
Fall, Spring, Summer

One student worked full-time at an international business consulting firm and took three classes at Georgetown University as part of the Fund for American Studies Capital Semester. At the consulting firm, she did research and prepared reports on international political and economic developments. She also attended briefings and events throughout the DC-area several times a week.

Another student worked for the Society of the Plastics Industry in their international trade center, as well as their government affairs and public policy division.

The Fund for American Studies, 1706 New Hampshire Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone: 800-741-6964, 202-986-0384, Fax: 202-986-0390

E-mail address

Completed by Ryan Knapp


The Henry L. Stimson Center seeks interns for a professional and educational experience in discovering the way in which non-profit organizations can contribute to the understanding of issues in international and homeland security. The Stimson Center offers unique internship opportunities based on the values of education, participation, and hands-on practical knowledge.

Based on the Center's commitment to professional development, expectations for interns are high. In return, interns can expect a challenging environment which will prepare them for full time employment in a professional setting.

The Henry Stimson Center
1111 19th Street
Twelfth Floor
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: 202-223-5956
Fax: 202-238-9604

CycleDurationApplication Deadline
SummerJune-SeptemberMarch 1
FallSeptember-DecemberJuly 15
Winter/SpringJanuary-MayNovember 15


Boston, Mass.
Fall, Spring, Summer

The organization focuses on assisting recent immigrants, refugees, and asylees in the United States set up and establish a sustainable and dignified life. They have a number of different programs such as resettlement, workforce development, education, assisting with small businesses etc. An intern's duties varies depending on the program that they are doing. I assisted with workforce development and my internship was very hands on. I taught classes, edited resumes, went them to job interviews, coached them through interview questions, led information sessions etc. I enjoyed my time with the organization and appreciated the hands on aspect of the job.

Intern Coordinator: Aisha Necoechea

Completed by Becky Barstein


Boston, Mass.
Spring, Summer, Fall

International Learning Enterprises is an organization that specializes in providing high-quality instruction in English and English-related skills to Chinese students, professionals, and corporations. Using the most sophisticated distance-learning technology available, ILE provides individualized, goal-oriented programs to students. For more information, see website. From ILE: The ILE Associate role is a part-time position for university students. As an Associate, you coach Chinese students on the ILE Online Integrated Platform during self-chosen hours, anytime, anywhere. It's more than just basic English it's a conversation on culture, university experience and professional topics between you and the student. ILE Associates have the opportunity for advancement, as well as the benefits of networking with Chinese students and professionals. ILE Associates also receive placement assistance for summer internships in China.

I cannot give a strong enough recommendation for ILE. Working for ILE was a fantastic experience for many reasons. Teaching the sessions was valuable in and of itself, especially because talking to the students was so fun. I was also able to see and understand what actually happens behind-the-scenes in an international business, an invaluable opportunity. Being able to have a genuine cross-cultural experience while still at BC was certainly a benefit to me professionally, academically, and personally.

Intern Coordinator: Luwen Huang

Completed by Ross Martin-Ross


Congressman Mike Ferguson (R-NJ)
Washington, DC, May - June 2005
Lauren John interned in the Congressional office of Rep. Mike Ferguson where she was involved administrative tasks, legislative research, and constituent services - including responding to mail and giving Capitol tours. During this time, she was also able to attend committee hearings and observe the operations of the legislative process on the House floor.


Crete, Greece
July - August 2005

The International Institute for Political and Economic Studies (IIPES) is an academic program sponsored by the Fund for American Studies and Georgetown University that explores major political, economic and cultural issues important to the Eastern Mediterranean region. The Institute hosts students from the United States, the Middle East, and the Balkans, providing an incredibly unique environment for conflict resolution and cultural exchange. The program involves classroom work as well as guest lectures and related events.


One intern spent nine weeks in Karachi, Pakistan with Impak: The Pakistan Summer Service Corps. She interned with an NGO: Human Rights Education Program (HREP), an organization that seeks to contribute to making Pakistani society more stable and peaceful by making the content of education in government schools more socially relevant. She taught for HREP's summer program and worked with curriculum development. This experience was invaluable in developing an understanding of how NGOs in the developing world work. She was also able to travel throughout the country, and conduct numerous interviews with working women in Karachi for her senior thesis. She attended many Impak sponsored events that included speakers on various economic, political, and cultural issues in Pakistan: everything from sectarian violence to cricket.

Contact information:
Impak: Pakistan Summer Service Crops, 3812 13th St N, First Floor, Arlington, VA 22201


New York City
Fall, Spring, Summer

The Legal Aid Society is the largest and oldest non-profit social justice law firm in the US. In the city of NY, Legal Aid has been contracted for over a century to provide public defense. Daily tasks as an intern include interviewing witnesses, observing crime scenes, writing reports to the organization's attorney's detailing your findings, appearing in court as a witness, etc. The internship program is top notch in its dedication to educating and getting experience to its interns. Perfect for any undergraduate students considering law and looking to get their feet wet.

Intern Coordinator: Alanda Edwards

Completed by Justin Appold


New Jersey

The acronym PSALT stands for Prayer, Service, Action, Love, and Truth for North Korea, and this up-and-running non-profit organization works to aid North Korean refugees while raising awareness about the critical humanitarian situation in North Korea. As a student intern, you would be responsible for various tasks, including simple office duties, event planning, grant research, brochure preparations, and fundraising. This internship is particularly engaging because it is complemented by weekly training courses, and the internship coordinators give attention to each and every individual to ensure we can learn more about the actual issue.

Intern Coordinator: Michelle Kim

Completed by Jinah Kim


Birzeit, West Bank, Palestine

Since R2E is a very small organization, the role of the intern is whatever is needed at the moment. I helped plan the international student conference, wrote and edited original content for the website, recruited and managed volunteers, maintained communication with partner organizations, and planned a creative non-fiction writing workshop for Birzeit University students.

Intern Coordinator: Anan Quzmar

Completed by Lindsey Hennawi


Georgetown University's Semester in Washington is offered in the spring or summer. As a intern in the program, you will examine the complex isssues that national organizations and policy makers face each day. The semester includes Core components, an Academic Seminar, a Research Seminar, and an Internship. Federal Agencies, Private Organizations, Law firms, Media outlets, along with many others, are possible internship opportunities. Core disciplines include: American Politics and Public Affairs, International Affairs, Health Care Administration and Policy, Community Development and Social Change, Law and Society, and Religion and Politics.



United Planet (UP) is a non-profit organization located in Boston whose mission is to promote cross-cultural and geographical understanding, peace, friendship and economic prosperity among cultures. One intern worked with students from around the United States and around the world. She worked under the guidance of United Planet's Executive Director.

Interns all work together to answer the many email and phone inquiries that come in daily, but there is also a lot of time spent working on specific projects that interest us most. At United Planet interns have the opportunity to work hands-on with many of their important initiatives. One can act as the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) representative at United Planet which includes taking on the role of being the USA/Canada branch of ICYE by organizing the departures, arrivals, and placements of volunteers.

United Planet, 11 Arlington Street, Boston Mass., 02116 U.S.A
Telephone: 617-267-7763, Toll-free: 800-292-2316


Sommerville, Mass.
Fall, Spring, Summer

The University of the Middle East Project (UME) is an independent, 501(c)(3), non-governmental organization that for ten years has been contributing to the creation of inclusive and egalitarian classrooms in secondary schools across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). UME's institutes equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to broaden young peoples' perspectives and horizons. UME's curriculum begins with its flagship introductory program, the Teacher Education Institute (TEI), which has convened more than 200 secondary school teachers since 1999 and affects the lives of approximately 4,500 new students annually. The TEI's unique interactive method shares the best of teaching theory and practices with MENA educators, empowering them with the skills to incorporate critical and creative thinking, constructive dialogue, and cross-cultural perspectives into their lesson plans. It is through these inspired and inspiring teachers that UME's mission spreads. There are intern positions available for the Teacher Education Institute internship form the months of June until the end of July. Also, there is an intern program during the fall and spring.

Intern Coordinator: Eva Anderson

Completed by Sophia Moradian


The State Department is looking for students with a broad range of majors, such as Business or Public Administration, Social Work, Economics, Information Management, Journalism, and the Biological and Physical and Engineering Sciences, as well as those majors more traditionally identified with international affairs. Intern duties and responsibilities may vary according to post or office of assignment. For instance, interns may write reports on human rights issues, assist with trade negotiations, assist with citizens' services or visa work, help Americans in distress abroad, or organize conferences or visits of high-level officials. Others may research economic or environmental issues, write news stories, work on web pages or help produce electronic journals.

Internships are for ten weeks, full-time in the summer, but may also be done in either the spring or fall semesters. About half of the internships are offered within the United States, primarily in Washington, D.C., and the other half are available at various posts throughout the world. Most internships are unpaid. The application is due online by November 1. For more information, go to: You can also follow links from the State Department website

In the past, Shannon Reece worked for the United States Department of State. Her posting was at the United States Consulate General in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In her position, she was responsible for tracking political events throughout coastal Ecuador and reporting back to Washington. Her job duties also included promoting United States interests in Ecuador through participation in events such as open forums on the Andean Free Trade Agreement Negotiations.


Women's Foreign Policy Group
1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 720
Washington, DC 20009-5728
Fax: 202-884-8487

The Women's Foreign Policy Group is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational membership organization which promotes global engagement and the leadership, visibility and participation of women in international affairs. Our members are mid and senior-level international relations professionals whose positions exemplify the myriad opportunities for international careers - from White House advisers to the State Department, NGOs to Wall Street, the World Bank to foreign diplomats.
Fall - August 15
Spring - November 25
Summer - March 25


Washington, D.C.

The majority of the interns at the Woodrow Wilson Center serve as research assistants or scholar interns for visiting scholars. Research assistants are talented college students from universities around the country who combine part-time hours at the Center with their studies and with other activities. A research assistant typically works 12-15 hours a week per scholar. (The number of hours can be adjusted accordingly to fulfill academic requirements). The Center has at least 60 research interns at any one time, many of whom are replaced at the end of each academic term. Internship appointments are generally consistent with academic semesters (i.e. Fall, Spring, Summer) and last approximately nine to twelve weeks. The start and end dates are flexible in order to accommodate varying school schedules. No internship will exceed one year in duration. The Wilson Center also recruits interns to work in its various program, administrative, and press offices. These interns work alongside the Wilson Center staff and who have an interest in, coursework related to, and/or experience working on a variety of issues consistent with the work of our various offices, programs and projects. These internships are designed to provide the individuals selected with the opportunity for practical experience in an environment that successfully mixes academic study with public policy. The intern will gain valuable experience and, depending on the office, assignments might include: conference organization; library and internet research; assistance with the preparation of publications and/or outreach materials; and/or administrative assignments in support of Center activities. Internships also provide opportunities for those selected to attend events within the Wilson Center and around Washington.

Intern Coordinator: Ms. Krishna Aniel

Completed by Stafford Oliver


Cambridge, Mass.
Fall, Spring, Summer

WorldTeach partners with governments and other organizations in developing countries to provide volunteer teachers to meet local needs and promote responsible global citizenship. It is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by a group of Harvard students in 1986 in response to the need for educational assistance in developing countries. It also addressed a growing interest among people in the U.S. and elsewhere to serve, teach and learn as volunteers overseas. Since its inception, WorldTeach has placed thousands of volunteer educators in communities throughout Asia, Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Pacific. WorldTeach offers the benefits of a well-established volunteer organization, while also providing more comprehensive, personalized support and training as a small NGO. In each of its programs, volunteers are placed in schools and host communities in developing countries that specifically request WorldTeach volunteers and would otherwise be unable to afford or locate qualified teachers. Volunteers receive training, language preparation, and field support, empowering them to make an impact that will last long after they leave. At WorldTeach, there are a variety of intern positions available, from admissions assistants, to program assistants, to curriculum developers, to finance interns. Admissions assistants are responsible for answering the emails of all applicants and prospective volunteers. Program assistants work with specific country program managers to put together all necessary materials for the volunteers, review applicants, update the program-specific web pages, and various other office duties. Curriculum developers help put together lesson plans that are adapted to the specific countries WorldTeach serves in. Finally, finance assistants help to keep track of all volunteer program fees and fundraising efforts. Though there are specific internship positions, volunteers should also be ready and willing to take on any of these roles at times. Because WorldTeach is such a small organization with a very small full-time staff, it really depends on its interns to survive. The full-time staff is comprised of fairly young people, all with international experience of their own, adding to a great work-place environment.

Intern Coordinator: Maki Park

Completed by Aprille Knox