IS majors and minors have many opportunities to pursue fellowships and scholarships that can help to fund and facilitate research, travel, study, or teaching while a student or after graduation. The BC Fellowships Office is the most important site for students to visit and make use of when searching for opportunities. We duplicate some of that information on our web site here as a service to IS majors and minors, but we are not able to stay as up-to-date as the Fellowships Office about all the details. 

On this page we offer an IS-focused set of resources about fellowships and scholarships, as well as lists of IS students who have won these fellowships. Most of these fellowships are very competitive, but IS students have been successful in earning them; on average, IS majors earn post-graduate fellowships at 4x the rate of other BC graduates. 

If you are interested in fellowship opportunities for undergraduate research, check out our research page. 

  • Video Recording: Fellowships and Scholarships Information for IS majors/minors with Jason Cavallari.

  • Video Recording: 2020 Fulbright Scholars Alumni Panel 

  • OIP Scholarships: includes information about the Fung scholarship, Mizna fellowship, and other fellowships related to study abroad

External Fellowships





The prestigious J. William Fulbright Scholars Program provides grants for individually designed study/research projects or for English Teaching Assistant Programs in over 90 countries. One of the nation's most prestigious fellowships, Fulbrights are awarded on the basis of applicants’ academic merit and leadership potential, and support a post-baccalaureate year abroad (in over 140 countries) to study, teach English, or conduct research. Only U.S. citizens are eligible; applications are due in September, but all BC students considering applying should contact IS Professor Paul Christensen, BC Fulbright Director, early in the Spring of their Junior year. Thanks in part to Prof. Christensen's leadership, BC consistently produces a high number of Fulbright winners

More than 40 IS majors have received Fulbright Scholarships, including:



Michael Zuppone ‘20 (Spain)
Luke Tannenbaum ‘20 (Spain)
Bjorn Carlson ‘20  (Bulgaria)
Audrey Hersman ‘19        
Anna Ringheiser ‘18
Lauren Lin ‘18
Solina Jean-Louis ‘18
Caroline Patterson ‘17
Lucas Allen ‘16
Eleanor Vorys ‘16
Alexis Fessatidis ‘16
Ricardo Alberto ‘16
Mabel Lee ‘15
Maria Ireland ‘15
Eleanor Hildebrandt ‘15 (Nepal)
Narintohn Luangrath ‘14
Patrick Vale ‘13
Margaret O’Neill ‘13
Rockwell Ludden ‘13
Robert Balint ‘13

Katherine Ruddy ‘12
Sarah Joo ‘12
Sabrina Caldwell ‘12
Caitlin Rowe ‘11
Elizabeth Muller ‘11
Emily McCormick ‘11
Meghan Michael ‘10
John Choi ‘10
Dorothy Rimmelin ‘09
Alexander Prounis ‘09
Christopher Maroshegyi ‘09
Maryclair Abowd ‘08
Allison Ramirez ‘07
Atlas Anagnos ‘07
Shannon Reece ‘06
Mara Medina ‘06
Kelly McClure ‘06
Canyon Cody ‘06
Jenevieve Doerr ‘05
Stephen Cottle ‘05
Melanie Getreuer ‘04
Sarah A. Kuchinos ‘03
Anna Chernova ‘00
Theodore Kalmback ‘99