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Katie Luniewicz '19 in South Africa

Katie Luniewicz '19 in South Africa to research her senior thesis on elephant conservation with the program SIT Tanzania - Wildlife Conservation and Ecology.

Sustainability and the Environment on a Global Scale

Students in the Environmental Studies Program are encouraged to take advantage of study abroad opportunities. Studying outside of the U.S. provides a global perspective on environmental and sustainability issues, and educational opportunities not available at BC. ES students are allowed between four and eight credits per study abroad to count towards the major or minor requirements, but exceptions may be made in unusual circumstances.

How to Use This Resource

This page is intended to serve as a resource for Environmental Studies Majors and Minors who are interested in studying abroad. It provides a curated (but NOT exhaustive) list of programs that may be of interest to Environmental Studies students, including where students have studied in the past. Environmental Studies students are encouraged to study abroad, and are not limited to programs on this site - this site is merely intended as a guide for students who are interested in programs with a specific emphasis on topics related to Environmental Studies. Students are encouraged to do their own research on possible programs, as there are many programs not included on this list that may also be of interest.

Students are encouraged to share information about the programs they have attended or discovered. This page was created and is maintained by the Environmental Studies Program office, not the Office of International Programs. Inquiries about programs listed on this page should be directed to the Office of International Programs.

Doing Research on Study Abroad

Study abroad programs can be a great way to do preliminary research for a senior thesis - some of our previous theses have come from students' study abroad experiences! Students interested in conducting research during their time studying abroad should consider engaging a thesis adviser before departing and gaining preliminary approval for their topic to ensure that it will be accepted.

For more information on doing research on your study abroad, contact the ENVS office:

How to Get Environmental Studies Credit for Study Abroad

Students intending to study abroad must meet with their academic adviser and program director prior to leaving for their study abroad experience.

The official BC policy on study abroad credits is: "Students attending a BC program will earn BC credit and the grades from abroad will be factored into their BC GPA. Credit will be applied to General Elective Credit. With approval, students may have the credit applied to their major, minor or the BC core. Certain courses abroad can count toward BC major, minor or core requirements with departmental approval. Keep in mind that a course must equate to 3 BC credits to fulfill a BC requirement; courses worth 5 ECTS credits, for example, may not automatically fulfill a BC requirement. For that reason, students should not expect to fulfill more than 3 major, minor, or core requirements while abroad."

Depending on the abroad program, this may be negotiable for ENVS majors and minors, but they must meet with their academic advisers and program director in advance to determine how many credits will be counted. If a student is doing a program specifically designed around Environmental Studies issues, more than 3-6 credits may be accepted.

ring tailed lemur

Photo by Gabriela Tejeda '20, while studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia and working at the Melbourne Zoo, a zoo based conservation organization committed to fighting extinction. Due to the clearing of trees and habitat loss, the ring tailed lemur is considered an endangered species.

Semester Abroad

BC Approved Programs are programs that are either run by Boston College or are externally approved for course credit. BC students enrolling in these programs will get course credit for the work they do abroad.

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Summer & External Programs Abroad

Summer Programs are open to all BC students and external students enrolled in other accredited institutions of higher education.

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