Apply for the Major

Students are accepted into the Environmental Studies major by application only. Admission to the major is by competitive application at the end of freshman year. At least 15 students will be accepted into the major each year, after they have completed one year of study at Boston College. Admission is determined by the Steering Committee of the Environmental Studies Program, which includes faculty drawn from many departments and an associate dean from the College of Arts and Sciences. Criteria for admission include academic achievement and a personal statement.

In order to apply for Environmental Studies major, please fill out the online application form. Applications due on the last day of classes in Spring Semester.

Students will be informed of their application status in June. At that time the first cohort will determine a meeting time for the Environmental Studies introductory seminar (ENVS 1100) with the program director. This one credit seminar involves readings of classics texts in environmental studies and is similar in structure to Cornerstone courses.

First-year students who are considering applying to become Environmental Studies majors should consider taking the following courses:

  • Environmental Systems: The Human Footprint (EESC 2201 and lab EESC 2211), as well as one or more of other the Environmental Systems courses (EESC 2202 – EESC 2208 and labs EESC 2212-EESC 2218).

  • One or more of the foundation courses (requirement C above), several of which also fulfill University Core requirements.