Fall 2022

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Course Number Course Title
ARTS2207 Urban Design for Complexity and Sustainability
BIOL2010 Ecology and Evolution
BIOL5130 Environmental Disruptors of Development
ECON2277 Environmental Economics and Policy
ECON2278 Environmental Economics and Policy
EESC1170 Rivers and the Environment
EESC1501 Global Implications of Climate Change
EESC2201 Environmental Systems: Human Footprint
EESC2202 Environmental Systems: Ecosystems
EESC2204 Environmental Systems: Geochemistry
EESC2206 Environmental Systems: Oceans
EESC3396 The IPCC Scientific Assessment
ENVS/UNAS2256/3356 Environmental Law and Policy
ENVS1101 Introductory Seminar
ENVS2445 The Vegetative Soul: The Hidden Life of Plants
ENVS2501 State of Affordable Housing in the States
ENVS3324 Conservation Policy and Governance
ENVS3345 Environment and Public Health
ENVS3355 Sustainable Cities
ENVS3356 Seminar in Environmental Law
ENVS3360 Research Methods in Environmental Studies
ENVS4408 Democracy and the Environment
HIST1710 Nature & Power: Modern World
HIST2703 Is All Commerce Capitalism?
MGMT2137 Managing Diversity
MGMT2139 Social Impact and Entrepreneurship
NURS/PHCG3210 Contemporary Issues in Public Health
PHIL3690 Energy Justice: Ethics, Economics, and the Environment
PHIL5515 How to Save the World: Ethics of Climate Change
POLI2441 Comparative Politics of Development
SOCY/ENVS3562 Environmental Sociology
SOCY1002 Introduction to Sociology for Healthcare Professions
SOCY1072 Inequality in America
SOCY1501 Global Implications of Climate Change
SOCY3322 Consumption, Health, and the Environment
SOCY3346 Environmental Justice
SOCY3562 Environmental Sociology I
SOCY3661 Urban Sociology