Spring 2022

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Course Number Course Title
ADEC7940 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
BIOL1440 Sustaining the Biosphere
BIOL2010 Ecology and Evolution
BIOL4030 Deep Sea Biology
BIOL4110 Ornithology
BIOL4130 Ecology in a Changing Climate
CHEM1106 Chemistry and Society II
CSCI2267 Technology and Culture
ECON110101–02 Principles of Economics  
ECON2208 Economic Justice
ECON2212 Geographic Information Systems for Planning and Decision-Making
ECON3391 Economics of Energy and the Environment
EESC1174 Climate Change and Society
EESC220101–03 ES: The Human Footprint
EESC220501–03 ES: Climate Change
EESC220601–03 ES: Oceans
EESC220801–03 ES: Quantitative Methods
EESC2220 Earth Materials
EESC2297 Environmental Hydrology
EESC3310 Agroecology: The Science of Sustainable Agriculture
EESC3330 Paleobiology
EESC4464 Environmental Data Explortion and Analysis
EESC5230 Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry
ENVS1105 Society and Environmental Transformations
ENVS1701 Boundaries of Belonging: Geographcis of Race and Place in America
ENVS1901 ENVS Internship
ENVS225601–06 Environmental Law and Policy
ENVS3328 Global Environmental Justice and Conservation
ENVS3562 Environmental Sociology I
ENVS4901 Readings and Research
ENVS4921 Advanced Independent Research
ENVS4922 Advanced Independent Research II
ENVS4942 Senior Research Seminar II
ENVS4943 Environmental Seminar
ENVS4952 Senior Thesis II
ENVS4962 Senior Honors Thesis II
HIST1617 Making the Modern World: Design, Ethics, and Engineering
HIST2702 Colonial Pasts/Global Presents
ISYS2267 Technology and Culture
LAWS3322 Environmental Law Seminar
LAWS3339 Environmental Law: Clean Water Act
LAWS4475 Climate Law
LAWS7482 Law of Toxic Substances
LAWS7759 Land Use Law
MGMT213701–02 Managing Diversity
MGMT2139 Social Impact and Entrepreneurship
MGMT2270 Leadership and Corporate Accountability
PHCG4140 Children's Health and the Environment
PHIL5534 Environmental Ethics: Value of Nature/Nature of Value
PHIL5901 The Ethics and Politics of Capitalism
POLI2338 Environmental Politics and Policy
POLI2446 Natural Resource Politics
SOCY1002 Introduction to Sociology for Healthcare Professions
SOCY1031 Society and Environmental Transformations
SOCY3322 Consumption, Health, and the Environment
SOCY3328 Global Environmental Justice and Conservation
SOCY3346 Environmental Justice
SOCY3562 Environmental Sociology I
THEO2231 The Bible and Ecology
THEO3223 The Ethics of Global Public Health and the Common Good

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