Sample Courses

The Catholic Imagination

ARTH 2222 Later Medieval Art
ARTH 2231 Early Italian Renaissance Art
ARTH 2262 The City of Rome
ARTH 3332 Age of Leonardo
ARTH 3347 Italian Baroque Art

ENGL 2288 God and the Imagination
ENGL 3004 Storytelling and Catholicism (1 cr)
ENGL 3301 Lit Artists and Reform of the Church
ENGL 4403 Faulkner, O'Connor, Percy and Wright

FILM 3343 Genocide and Film

HIST 2460 Celluloid Salvation: Redemption in 20th c. Film
HIST 4281 History and Modern Ireland

ITAL 3373 Love, Sexuality and Gender
ITAL 5526 Dante's Divine Comedy

MUSA 2201 Medieval and Renaissance Music

PHIL 5511 Philosophy of Imagination

THE0 5517 The Sacramental Principle

Catholicism in Time and Space

ENGL 2238 Medieval Women Writers
ENGL 8844 Medieval Mystics

HIST 2240 Irish History: An Introduction
HIST 2507 Black Robe: Presentation of the SJs
HIST 4425 The Witch, the Church, and the Law
HIST 4240 The Reformation
HIST 4243 Religion and International Relations
HIST 4278 Ireland Since the Famine
HIST 4451 Church and State in America
HIST 4469 American Catholic History

LING 2383 The Christian East
LING 3384 Christian Latin

PHIL 4407 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 1116 Medieval Religions and Thought

THE0 2221 Catholics: Rome and America
THE0 2290 Problem of Belief in Modernity
THE0 3244 Classics of Christian Spirituality
THE0 3577 Conciliar Traditions
THE0 5543 Vatican II: History and Interpretation

TMHC 7063 Catholics and American Culture

UNCP 5533 Desire and Discernment
UNCP 5566 The Discerned Life on Pilgrimage

Catholic Social Thought

AADS 4460 New Orleans: Justice in the City

ECON 2205 Catholic Social Teaching and Economic Analysis

HIST 4371 The Inquisition
HIST 4375 Religion in Latin American History

PHIL 1160 The Challenge of Justice
PHIL 4456 The Holocaust: A Moral History

POLI 3351 Religion and Politics
POLI 3358 Seminar: American Culture Wars

SOCY 1036 Intra to Latin American Societies

THE0 1198/LING 2321The Language of Liturgy
THE0 2160 The Challenge of Justice
THE0 2251 Pacifism and Peace Movements
THE0 2317 Sex, Gender and the Human Body
THE0 3283 Prophets and Peacemakers
THE0 3222 Bioethics and Social Justice
THE0 3393 Suffering, Politics and Liberation
THE0 4481 Women and the Church
THE0 4496 Moral Dimensions of Christian Life
THE0 5429 Theology and Ecology
THE0 5563 Ethics, Religion and International Politics