Student Arts Coalition

The Student Arts Coalition advocates for the arts by acting as arts ambassadors, encouraging participation and artistic formation across campus, not just socially but academically. Through this engagement, the coalition guides the student body to engage, create and experience forms of expression and contemplate lesser known narratives to bring awareness of the beauty in diversity. By actively listening to and seeking out a variety of voices within the Boston College community, students learn about unexplored artistic forms and subjects, and expand their understanding of what it means to create and theorise, while simultaneously encouraging the acceptance of different kinds of expression in others.


Student Arts Coalition Board

The Student Arts Coalition acts as the companion board to the Arts Council's Arts Board of Chairs & Directors, and discusses collaborative ideas and challenges facing BC student artists. The board currently focuses on three objectives, Advocating Creativity, Critical Conversations, and the BC Arts Journal.

Advocating Creativity

The Student Arts Coalition plans, organizes and produces numerous events, tablings and marketing campaigns across campus focusing on advocating for the arts. These events focus on everyone's right to experience creativity and culture, express themselves creatively, and see their culture reflected in artistic expression. In addition, they connect our community through community-based arts activities that focus on cultural engagement and creative expression, which are integral to our community's social well-being and formation through meaningful activities. 

Critical Conversations: Arts and Social Justice Initiative

The Student Arts Coalition is in charge of developing, facilitating, and leading the Critical Conversations Series through the arts across campus. The inaugural event was hosted by the Boston College Theatre Department and FACES* Council. A reading and discussion of the play "Baltimore" written by Kirsten Greenidge took place on February 25, 2019, in the Robsham Theater. All Critical Conversations Series events are free and open to the public. * FACES, an anti-racist organization committed to educating the BC community on the issues of race, identity, and systems of power and privilege.

Boston College Arts Journal

In the fall of 2020, the BC Arts Insider blog will relaunch after a three-year hiatus. The journal will showcase artistic events on campus; the work of BC alumni artists around the world; the achievements of BC students, faculty, and staff; and give a voice to the opinions and ideas of students, faculty, and alumni artists. The Student Arts Coalition assists with content, editing, and promotion.