Career Night for the Arts + Entertainment

Every year at Career Night for the Arts and Entertainment, students from all majors gather to network with Boston College alumni who have forged artistic careers. This is a great opportunity for current students to discover what it is to work in a chosen field, and how pursuing a passion can lead to a fruitful career.

Since its inception in 1999, Career Night for the Arts provided an opportunity for students and alumni to develop dialogue and relationships. Each year, over 100 students join 10-25 BC alumni who have established successful careers as: musicians, composers, conductors, photographers, designers, painters, editors, producers, directors, journalists, administrators, writers, actors, instructors, consultants, and attorneys. Students can navigate the museum talking with alumni from various professions. 

November 2020

Date to be announced in August 2020

I'd absolutely recommend Career Night to other BC students. I received great advice, and the alumni were all easy to talk to. I've already made connections and secured interviews!
Karalyn Hutton '16
  1. What do I wear?
    This is an informal networking night, so there is no particular dress code, although it stands to reason that when networking, you want to look clean, polished, and presentable.
  2. Do I need to bring anything with me?
    No – this is not a job fair, so you don’t need resumes or handouts. However, you might want to bring a pad of paper and a pen to jot down notes or information that you receive from alumni.
  3. How will I know which alumni I want to talk to, and how will I find them?
    When you arrive at the event, the Arts Council will provide you with a handout that includes bios and pictures of all the alumni. Alumni will be wearing name tags, and you will also have their photos for reference. Ask Arts Council staff if you would like any help finding the alumni you are looking for.
  4. How long can I talk with each alum?
    As much or as little as you’d like. You can join conversations already in progress or just listen in, move on when you determine you need to, or wait for your opportunity for a one-on-one conversation.
  5. I’ve never been to a career event before. I don’t know what questions to ask.
    You may want to stop in at the Career Center ahead of time to think about what you would like to get out of this event. And remember – it’s not a formal event and there is no “interviewing.” This is an opportunity for you to learn about various careers in the arts. You can always ask about the alum’s experiences as a BC student, how they made their decisions to pursue their careers, what a typical day is like . . .
  6. How long should I plan to stay?
    You can stay for as short or as a long a period as you like. Take your time, though, and get as much out of the event as you can.
  1. What time should I arrive?
    After you register to take part in the event a representative from the Arts Council will get in touch with an itinerary for the evening.
  2. Where should I park?
    You can park on the Brighton Campus infront of the McMullen Muesum of Art. There is additional parking located next to the School of Theology and Ministry Library.
  3. Where do I go after I park?
    Go to the McMullen Museum of Art. Once inside, you will be greated by the Arts Council, Alumni Association, and Career Center staff.
  4. Should I bring anything with me?
    Bring business cards if you have them – to share with fellow alumni, University faculty, and/or students as you wish. If you want to promote your organization, feel free to bring promotional materials to hand to students.
  5. Do I need to prepare anything in advance? Will I have to speak publicly?
    No – you do not need to prepare anything at all. You will be speaking to students in small groups and one-on-one.
  6. What kinds of questions will they ask me?
    Everything! They will want to know about your career path, your work, your time at BC. . .They will ask for your recommendations on web sites and resources – and “what to do first.” They may ask you if they can contact you after this event – or visit you for an informational interview.
  7. We don’t have any jobs available in my company/organization right now. Does that matter?
    No – this is not a job fair, and they know that when they arrive. They need your advice, your guidance, and your enthusiasm.
  8. How will it work? Will students just gather around me and I will talk?
    It varies from year to year. Sometimes students will gather in a large group around a couple of alumni and everyone benefits from the conversation. Other times, they might form a line and wait their turn. If you have a large group waiting, we find it works best if you reach out to the group, encourage them to gather ‘round, and then all the students can benefit from listening to your answers to questions. Sometimes, they will need encouragement to ask questions, and you may need to begin the conversation.

The Boston College Alumni Association and Career Center are excited to announce Eagle Exchange, Boston College's official online mentoring platform. Eagle Exchange is an online community, facilitating career-related conversations between current Boston College students and alumni. In true Boston College spirit, alumni can also give back by serving as a resource to fellow alumni and current students through sharing their professional experience.