Boston College Arts Council
140 Commonwealth Ave.
Rubenstein Hall, Office 4
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Telephone: 617-552-6500
Arts Calendar:

Arts Council Program Administrator and Arts Festival Director

Tatiana Flis

Arts Council Chair

Crystal Tiala


Graduate Assistants

Alyssa Frey
    Arts Council Assistant

Programming Assistants

Yifan Wang '22  
   Carney Gallery 203 and Visual Arts

Jaileen Rivera '20 
   Performance and Events

Jun Choi '22 
   Creative Programming

Design & Marketing Assistants

Isabelle Richards '21
   Marketing and Arts Calendar

Eleni Krupinski '21
   Marketing and Outreach

Emma Hardy '20
   Design and Marketing

Caroline Denning '22
   Design and Marketing

Annable Hodson-Walker '21
   Social Media

Event Production

Megan Ellis '20
   Production Manager

Anabel Johnson '20
   Production Manager

Arts Festival Assistants

Allison Lardner '21
   Assistant Production Manager

Devin Itula '22
   Volunteer Coordinator

Lina Boehmer '19 & SSW '20
   Children's Activity Coordinator