Independent Major

Students who wish to apply for an Independent Major in African and African Diaspora Studies must normally have achieved a minimum 3.5 grade point average by March 1 of their sophomore year. The student must plan, with the aid of a faculty adviser, a program of twelve (12) courses, ten (10) of which must be upper-division (i.e. 2000 or above). Students are required to take AADS 1110 Introduction to African Diaspora Studies and AADS 6600 Senior Seminar. Students will need to take ten additional elective courses in order to fulfill the Independent Major requirements, only one of which can be a 1000-level course.

There are two tracks in which Independent Majors can concentrate: 1) Intellectual Traditions and Cultural Production or 2) Politics, Society, and History. Students must take eight of their ten elective courses in one track and their remaining two in the other. These courses will extend over no more than three departments, excluding courses that only originate in AADS. For example, if students take courses with only the AADS prefix (such as AADS 1110 or AADS 2241), they can still take AADS courses that are cross-listed in up to three additional departments. Students’ elective courses may not fall exclusively in Social Science (COMM, HIST, POLI, SOCY) or Humanities (ARTH, ENGL, FREN, MUSA, PHIL, RLRL, THTR) departments. This program should be equal in depth and coherence to a typical departmental major and should include a plan for a final project or paper that demonstrates the thematic coherence of the Independent Major and reflects the ongoing assessment of the major by the student and the adviser.

Prior to proposing an Independent Major, a student must identify a core faculty member of AADS who will serve as his or her adviser. Students will work with the program’s Independent Major Adviser and the core faculty member to develop a proposal of study. Each proposed Independent Major should be submitted to the Dean's Office before March 1 of the student's sophomore year. The Dean will then present it to the Educational Policy Committee for approval.

Intellectual Traditions and Cultural Production Politics, Society, and History
AADS 1114 Introduction to African and African Diaspora Religions AADS 1101/HIST 2180 Africa Since 1850
AADS 1118 Haiti and the DR AADS 1104/HIST 2481 African American History I
AADS 1175/HIST 2483 Booker T. Washington AADS 1105/HIST 2482 African American History II
AADS 2182/COMM 2182 Black Popular Culture AADS 1118 Haiti and the DR
AADS 2194/COMM 2194 Reading Race at the Millennium AADS 1138/SOCY 1038 Race, Class, and Gender
AADS 2199/ENGL 2199 Introduction to Caribbean Writers AADS 1139/SOCY 1039 African World Perspective
AADS 2201/ENGL 2201 Versions in Black AADS 1150 Introduction to Sub-Saharan African Politics
AADS 2229/UNCP 5555 Capstone: Global Narrative AADS 1155/SOCY 1043 Introduction to African American Society
AADS 2241 Black Feminisms 101 AADS 1175/HIST 2483 Booker T. Washington
AADS 2247 African American Critical Thought AADS 2222 Black Education Movement
AADS 2255/ENGL 2255 Introduction to Postcolonial Literature AADS 2243 Gender and Slavery
AADS 2306/MUSA 2306 Musics of Africa AADS 2253 Black Freedom Movement
AADS 2470/ENGL 2470 Popular Fictions in the Americas AADS 2484/HIST 2484 Montgomery Bus Boycott
AADS 2485/HIST 2485 Food in African American History AADS 3302/RLRL 3302 Racism: French and American Perspective
AADS 3304/SOCY 3304 Race, Ethnicity, and Popular Culture AADS 3310 Race, Law, and Resistance
AADS 3343/PHIL 3343 Introduction to Black Philosophy AADS 3340/HIST 4484 Gender and Sexuality in African American History
AADS 3385/THTR 3385 African American Theater and Drama AADS 3381/SOCY 3350 Black and Green: Race and Urban Ecology
AADS 3466/FREN 3360 Literature and Culture in Francophone Africa AADS 4190/HIST 4190 Decolonization and War in Africa
AADS 4414/PHIL 4414 Race and Philosophy AADS 4469 New Orleans: Justice and the City
AADS 4481/HIST 4481 History of Black Nationalism AADS 4481/HIST 4481 History of Black Nationalism
AADS 4482/HIST 4482 Ghana and US: History and Cultural Connection AADS 4482/HIST 4482 Ghana and US: History and Cultural Connection
AADS 4483/HIST 4483 African American Life Stories AADS 4485/HIST 4485 Medicine and Public Health in the African Diaspora
AADS 4625/ENGL 4625 Seminar: Toni Morrison AADS 5555/HIST 4419 Slavery, Race, and Abolition
AADS 5516 African Rhythms in Latin American Music AADS 5570/HIST 4476 Social Action in Urban America
AADS 5597/SOCY 5597 Contemporary Race Theory AADS 5598 Politics of Black Sexuality

For more information, or to begin your application for an independent major in African and African Diaspora Studies, please contact the African and African Diaspora Studies Program staff.